The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2572

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2572
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Chapter 2572

The classmates watched.

Jolie looked at Dexter, saw Dexter strode over, and handed her a bag in his hand, “For you.”

what is this?

“Breakfast.” Dexter spit out two simple words.

Jolie stagnated, he bought her…breakfast?

“You bought this?” Jolie looked at him in surprise.

Dexter copied his hand back into his trouser pocket, looked at her with a “benzene” look, and then asked, “Who else?”

Oh my goodness.

He actually bought her breakfast.

Jolie has never been in love, but when she watches those idol dramas, the heroes in them will buy breakfast for the heroines. She really didn’t expect Dexter to buy breakfast for girls on the day.

Jolie stared at him with wide-open eyes, and didn’t say whether she would accept it. Dexter coughed lightly and whispered, “Ain’t you going to act, Molly, is watching.”

Speaking of “Molly”, Jolie quickly felt the jealous look cast by Molly, and she quickly accepted the breakfast, “Thank you.”

Dexter didn’t say anything, but pulled his legs into the campus, still very cold and cool.

But the people around him had already exploded the pot, and Cora was the first to rush over, “Jolie, I didn’t read it wrong, I heard it right, Dexter actually bought you breakfast???”

“Jolie, what is your relationship with him? Last time Dexter saved you despite the danger.”

“Jolie, do you know who Dexter is? This is enough to write a novel. The problem of juvenile love is trapped by the rich daughter. No, it’s the dark knight of the rich daughter.”

What Jolie wanted to deny was that it was not what everyone thought. The reason why Dexter gave her breakfast was purely acting, in order to stimulate Molly.

Among other things, this Dexter is quite good at acting. He has the professional qualities of an actor. She never thought of buying breakfast.

Jolie looked at Molly, Molly’s small face was crooked, and there was a fire in her eyes, wishing to burn Jolie to death.

With this effect that Jolie wanted, she deliberately raised her eyebrows and gave Molly a provocative look.

Molly, “…” The gums are about to be crushed.

“Don’t get me wrong, Dexter and I are friends, and good friends!” Jolie explained, and then took Cora and other classmates back to the classroom.

Molly froze in place alone, and she could feel everyone pointing to her and whispering.

“Molly is so pitiful, she is re-elected as a school bachelor somehow, now it’s just like a joke.”

“Yes, who didn’t know that she liked Dexter before, she was very humble in front of Dexter, trying to get him like her, but now you look at Dexter and Jolie, Jolie has already cleaned up Dexter. He is subdued.”

Molly is dying… Jolie!

In classrooms.

Jolie opened the bag. Inside was a heat-preserving box with a few exquisite desserts.

Although Dexter is acting, this breakfast can’t be wasted, besides, it is such a high-value breakfast.

Jolie reached out and picked up a tender yellow piglet bag, and took a small bite. The inside was stuffed with egg yolk and other things, which was quite delicious.

“Wow, Jolie, this is the breakfast of the Yummy Foods. Yummy Foods is a time-honored brand. There is a long queue every day. When does Dexter get up and queue up for breakfast for you?” Cora said.


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