The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2573

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2573
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Chapter 2573

Jolie thought he just bought it casually, but she didn’t expect that he actually bought it by standing in line.

Jolie turned her head to look at Dexter. He was sleeping on the table again. Is he really in line?

School was over in the evening, and Jolie left late. Her grades were always very good, but her subjects like mathematics were always a little worse.

She was working on a math problem, and her head was dizzy when she didn’t write it well.

She turned her head to look, and there was no one in the classroom, only Dexter was left. He was still sleeping, not awake.

Jolie got up and walked over, “Dexter.”

Dexter moved and woke up. He opened his sleepy eyes, and he was very lazy, “What’s the matter?”

“Dexter, you are a student now. The first task of a student is to study. From the beginning of school until now, you are either absent from class or sleep. You have wasted such a good resource. You have to know that knowledge changes your destiny, so you have to study hard?”

Dexter lightly raised his eyelids and glanced at the girl. She twisted her eyebrows and preached to him with a serious face, like a little teacher.

“Done?” Dexter asked, before he got down again.

“Dexter, don’t sleep, study with me!” Jolie quickly sat beside him, pushed the math homework to him, and strictly monitored him.

Dexter glanced at the math homework book and was about to close it, but the girl beside him stared at him fiercely.

Dexter had to sit up languidly.

“Dexter, look at this math problem. This problem is really difficult.” Jolie suddenly thought of something, “Forget it, this problem is an extension problem, you should not understand it, you should do this one first. For the basic questions in front, lay the foundation.”

After speaking, she was immersed in this math problem again.

Dexter glanced at the math problem. He didn’t have any expression. He just picked up the pen and wrote and drew on the notebook twice, as if it were graffiti letters.

A few minutes later, Jolie was still puzzled. What surprised her, even more, was that Dexter beside her was gone.

He even sneaked away!

This sc*mbag!

Jolie has a headache. He doesn’t like to study so much and his grades are so poor. What should he do in the future?

Jolie thought of getting up, but then she suddenly saw Dexter’s notebook, which was scribbled, but painted a geometric three-dimensional figure.

After Jolie had a pause, she suddenly understood. She suddenly started, and the answer to the puzzled math problem was instantly available.

She will!

Is this a coincidence?

Jolie began to doubt that this geometric figure must have been drawn by Dexter. Did he do a scribble, or?

Jolie left the classroom to find Dexter, did he go home?

“Dexter! De…” Jolie’s voice stopped abruptly because she saw him in front.

Dexter is not alone, there is Molly beside him.

Molly looked at Dexter with red eyes, tears in her eyes, her appearance was really humble and wronged, any boy would feel soft when he saw it.

“Dexter!” Jolie yelled, and then quickly stepped forward and stretched out a small hand to hold his arm.

Dexter felt her tender little hands wrapped around his, and her tender body temperature was also approaching.

He tilted his head and saw Jolie looking at him with a bright and charming face, and said with a smile, “Dexter, what are you whispering to Molly here?”

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