The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2574

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2574
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Chapter 2574

The girl’s eyebrows were crooked and her smile was so sweet, it seemed that even the air had become sweet.

Dexter’s heart moved, and there was a bit of softness in his thin and cold eyes, “You came here without talking about us.”

What Dexter said was true. He was blocked by Molly when he came out to breathe. Molly didn’t say anything. She burst into tears and cried her series first.

Jolie snorted, playfully and coquettishly, “It seems a pity to hear your tone, then I’m sorry, I disturbed you, you go ahead, I’m leaving.”

Jolie released him, turned her head, and left.

Just after taking a step, Dexter’s big hand reached over and clasped her slender wrist.

Jolie stopped and raised her eyebrows to look at him, “What’s the matter, there is something else?”

“Didn’t you say you want to go? Then take me along.” Dexter slid down, took her little hand, wrapped it in his palm, and then he was in front, she was behind, and he took her away.

Jolie was acting in front of Molly and wanted to irritate her, but she admitted that she was sweet in her heart, especially… he seemed to be holding her hand…

Jolie had never held hands with a boy. Her eyes fell on the hands between the two people. He held her with his slender fingers, and the big hands held the small hands.

She felt the rough and thin calluses on his palms. Her smooth skin is very different.

Jolie’s small face turned red with a “teng”, she lowered her head, wishing to get into the mud.

Watching Dexter take Jolie away, Molly stomped his feet in place. She just said a word to Dexter, and she asked … Dexter, do you like Jolie?

Dexter was silent for a few seconds, then nodded… en.

He admitted.

He admits that he likes Jolie.

Dexter likes Jolie.

Molly was angry, but she quickly took out her mobile phone and turned on the camera. The scene of Dexter and Jolie holding hands was a snap.

Puppy love is forbidden in school. Tomorrow she will submit these photos to the principal’s office. She wants the principal to deal with them seriously!

When the two walked out of the campus, Jolie quickly withdrew her little hand.

Dexter stopped and turned to look at her. Her eyes were dodgy, like a deer.

Just holding hands, there is a very subtle aura between the two people.

Dexter copied the hand back into his trouser pocket, “Don’t think too much, just acted in front of Molly, we can do some intimate actions to better stimulate her and make her lose control.”

Jolie nodded like garlic, “En, I know.”

Talking about it, Jolie remembered one thing, “Dexter, did you draw the geometric figure in the mathematics book just now?”

“Yes, I just scribble.”

Doodling casually?

Can you draw the answer just by doodle?

That question was so difficult, she thought about it for a long time but didn’t understand it.


Jolie wanted to talk, but at this moment a suction sound came from behind, “Sister Jolie, you…you…”

Rosie came, and the little girl covered her mouth, looking at Jolie and Dexter in shock.

There were three black lines on Jolie’s forehead. What a mess, was caught by this little girl.

“Sister Jolie, they… they all said that you are in love with… Dexter, it turns out… you are really in love, and it’s over, you are in love!”

Jolie quickly ran over and covered Rosie’s mouth, not letting her speak anymore, “Dexter, let’s go home first and see you later.”

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