The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2575

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2575
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Chapter 2575

Jolie said goodbye to Dexter, and took Rosie to go home. She was afraid that this little girl would talk nonsense again.

Seeing the two girls tugging away, Dexter stood on the spot and twitched his lips. The fingers he had copied in his trouser pocket moved a bit, and the feeling of holding her little hand remained in his palm.

This was the first time he held her hand.

“Sister Jolie, please explain quickly, what the hell is going on with Dexter, I think you have been reluctant to give up recently, but you are still in love, and your love is beginning. This is so difficult. Am I going to tell your mother or Tell… your dad?” Rosie was in trouble.

Jolie quickly grabbed Rosie, “Rosie, don’t listen to those rumors, it’s like this. Didn’t Molly push me during the last spring outing? I decided to talk to Dexter in order to let Molly reveal her true colors. A fake love.”

“Fake love? Really?”

“Of course it is true.” Jolie looked at Rosie sincerely, which meant… please look at my big sincere eyes.

Rosie tilted her head and blinked innocently, “Well then, I believe you.”

Jolie rushed over and rewarded Rosie for being a big sister, “We have said that we are not allowed to tell my parents, whoever tells who is a puppy.”

Rosie nodded, “But sister Jolie, don’t use the reason of fake love to talk about true love.”


Jolie stagnated.

“Sister Jolie, anyway, I think you are weird. Fake is true and true is false. Don’t tell the truth from the false in the end. You are playing with fire when you fall in love with Dexter.”

Although Rosie is still young, she has inherited the genetic advantages of Henry and Usha since she was a child. She is smart and transparent.

She trembled, “I know Rosie, I know it in my heart.”

The next day, Jolie noticed the abnormality when she arrived at the school, and her classmates were whispering behind her back.

At this moment, Cora hurriedly ran over, “Jolie, it’s not good, something happened.”

“What happened?”

“Jolie, Molly took a picture of you holding hands with Dexter and reported it directly to the principal’s office. The principal has invited Dexter over for tea.”


Jolie remembered the last time Dexter and Molly had happened. The directors almost forced Dexter out of school in front of the principal. This time the principal leaders didn’t know how to embarrass Dexter again.

“Jolie, our school prohibits premature love, the consequences are very serious… hey, Jolie!” Cora was still talking, but Jolie had already ran away.

Jolie went straight to the principal’s office. She had already filled up a lot of pictures, and Principal Yang was embarrassing Dexter.

She pushed open the door of the principal’s office, “Principal Yang, this matter has nothing to do with Dexter…”

Soon, Jolie’s voice stopped, because the picture inside was very different from her brain filling. Principal Yang was really asking Dexter… for tea!

“Dexter, this is Biluochun that I personally picked from my hometown. I didn’t want to make it myself. I will take it to entertain you now. Quickly try my tea making technique.” President Yang looked hospitable The teacup was handed to Dexter.

Dexter sat on the sofa, expressionless, cold, and indifferent.

Jolie was stunned. Why did she think that Principal Yang had a bit of a dogged sense of sight?

Do not.

It must be her illusion.

“Oh, it’s Jolie, come and sit here.” While speaking, President Yang pointed to the position beside Dexter, “Just sit beside Dexter.”

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