The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2576

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2576
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Chapter 2576

Principal Yang’s pleasant looks stunned Jolie, especially since Principal Yang asked her to sit next to Dexter, it gave her the illusion that Principal Yang wanted to sell her for a count of money.

Jolie sat beside Dexter, “Principal, I want to clarify the rumors about my relationship with Dexter.”

This incident was absolutely unacceptable, and Jolie didn’t want Dexter to be implicated, so it was better for her to stand up and explain.

Principal Yang waved his hand and said, “No need to clarify, I understand.”

“Principal, you understand before I said it?” Jolie looked at him suspiciously. He understood. What did he understand?

“Of course I understand. Don’t worry, it’s trivial, trivial.” Principal Yang narrowed his eyes.

“…” Jolie was really confused. She felt that this Principal was playing mystery, so she turned to look at Dexter.

Dexter sat on the sofa and didn’t say anything the whole time. He was even more incomprehensible than Principal Yang, as if it had nothing to do with him.

“Principal!” At this moment, Molly rushed in fiercely.

Seeing Molly, Jolie quickly sat up straight. The visitor was unkind. Molly would definitely cling to the matter of her holding hands with Dexter last night. She had entered a first-level combat state.

“Oh, it turned out to be Molly, are you okay?” Principal Yang asked.

Are you alright?

Molly was taken aback. Dexter and Jolie held hands in a puppies relationship. This was explicitly forbidden in the first school, but now President Yang is very calm and asks her if there is anything wrong. If alright?

“Principal, you can also see the photo. The witness is me. I saw Dexter and Jolie holding hands with my own eyes last night. And now, who else in one of us doesn’t know that they are secretly dating. This is very important. Seriously, I suggest that the principal immediately drop them out of school!”

Jolie immediately wanted to stand up and theory.

But President Yang stood up first. He looked at Molly and said, “Molly, hold your hand, what is this? Now it is not a feudal society. How can you say that Dexter and Jolie are in love with a photo of holding hands?”

Molly was completely stunned. She looked at President Yang in disbelief. This President Yang has always been respected and very prestigious. He is also fair and just. He has never favored anyone, but now he favors Dexter and Jolie.

“Principal, they just fall in love, and other students know that they are very close…”

“I know that Dexter and Jolie walked closer. It was entirely a matter of exploration. They work hard to improve each other. They are good friends. Molly, are your good friends only girls, no boys, which one is in school? School rules stipulate that you can’t be good friends with boys?”


“No, but now we are all in humanities education. Instead, you who spread rumors say that a person’s eyes are dirty, so everything you see is dirty. You will talk about your puppies and loves every day. Do you like puppy love so much?”

Molly, “…”

President Yang is an old professor who specializes in liberal arts. This eloquence is so eloquent. His rebuttal made Molly speechless and dumbfounded.

Jolie was also stunned. The principal was this because she and Dexter personally took part in the battle with Molly?


How good is this?

Jolie has never revealed her identity, and she is flattered to let Principal Yang be so partial.

Only Dexter is the calmest here, he hasn’t been emotionally disturbed.

“Principal, I…” Molly wanted to say something.

“Okay, this is the end of the matter, don’t mention it again, student Molly, put more of your mind on your study.” President Yang stopped short.

Molly hit the manuscript before she came, and now all the words are choked in his throat, and she is blocked by President Yang and can’t send a word. It feels like a punch into the cotton, making her feel ashamed.

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