The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2583

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2583
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Chapter 2583

Jolie was picked up by an exclusive luxury car to and from school, so Dexter nodded and watched her leave.

Jolie walked two steps and then turned around. She found that Dexter had not left, and stood there looking at her.

The sparse light stretched the young boy’s figure very long, looking alone.

He seems to have been alone.

Jolie’s heart ached and she wanted to talk, but soon she noticed something was wrong, her lower abdomen was swollen and painful, and then a hot liquid rushed out.

She is here for a little time!

Seeing Jolie’s strangeness, Dexter frowned and immediately pulled off his long legs and walked over, “Jolie, what’s the matter with you, is it uncomfortable?”

Jolie wanted to cry. It was embarrassing. She was not prepared at all. The clothes on her body must be dirty.

“I…I…” she hesitated.

“What’s the matter? Speak!” Dexter had already frowned his sword eyebrows, and he looked at Jolie up and down, and he was soon stagnant.

Today, Jolie was wearing a school uniform, and now there was a mass of red from the back of her plaid skirt.

Dexter had been taking care of his sister for the past three years, so he knew about the m3nstrual cycle of girls. He immediately stretched out his hand and took off his coat and put it on Jolie’s shoulder.

His coat was wide and large, directly covering the short skirt, and there was still his residual body temperature on it. Jolie’s face flushed, “Thank you.”

Dexter took her little hand, “Go.”


“Dexter, where are we going?”

“You can still go home like this?”


Soon, Dexter took Jolie to a hotel, Jolie’s pupils shrank, a little frightened, he didn’t bring her here…to open the room, right?

“Dexter, why did you bring me here? Don’t mess around, I’m not that kind of casual person…”

The girl’s bright eyes were watery, and now staring at him with a little guard, Dexter felt amused, “I really want to mess around…”


“But can you mess with your situation now? So, don’t think too much.”

She turned out to be passionate, and he didn’t mean that at all.

Jolie felt relieved, but it wasn’t right. He didn’t mean that. So what did the sentence “I want to mess around” just now?

Jolie was held by him and could only follow in his footsteps with small steps. She couldn’t help but wonder. If he didn’t clarify that he had nothing to do with Molly, she would suspect that he was a veteran in love, because he really knew how to do it!

After entering the hotel, Dexter brought Jolie to the front desk, “Open a room for me.”

The front desk is an aunt who likes to gossip. When the aunt saw them coming in, her eyes lit up, “Little brother, little sister, you come here to open a room, are you adults, are you still studying? There are rules now, you can’t open a room here.”

Jolie had never been to such a place. She stayed in a seven-star hotel when she went out. At this time, the aunt’s eyes fell on her face, and she gave a “tsk” twice, “Oh, where is this little sister?” The beauty that came here looks like in the painting.”

Dexter pulled Jolie behind him, and used his shoulders to block the prying eyes of the aunt. He took out a few banknotes, and said coldly, “Is it enough?”

Her eyes wide opened, the aunt slapped herself in the face. She numbly took out a room card, “Enough is enough, room 509, please.”

Dexter led Jolie to leave.

But the aunt smiled mysteriously, “Wait, little brother, little sister, I have one more thing here, you definitely need it, buy a pack.”


Jolie looked back curiously, and saw that Aunt opened the drawer and took out a box of c0ndoms.

Jolie had never seen this thing. She raised her eyes and looked at Dexter curiously, “What is that?”

Her eyes were clean and bright, just like a piece of white paper. Dexter rolled her throat, then raised her hand to cover her eyes, “Don’t look at it.”

His vision suddenly turned black, and Jolie still thought it was strange. Why did he react so strongly?

At this time, his voice came over his head again, slightly hoarse, “If you really want to know, I will teach you later.”

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