The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2585

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2585
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Chapter 2585

The proprietress looked at Dexter, and the handsome young boy was so s3ductive, “Handsome man, which type of sanitary napkin do you want? We have many types here. You can choose.”

Dexter glanced at the dazzling sanitary napk!ns on the shelf, “Just that…the girl next to her body…”

After all, Dexter hadn’t bought anything like this for a girl. This was the first time that his handsome face turned red.

The lady took it over with a smile, “Are you buying it for your girlfriend?”

Dexter settled the bill, before leaving, he nodded, “En.”

He went to the mall again to buy clothes. This time he walked into an und3rwear shop. If he blushed just now when he bought sanitary napk!ns, he would be embarrassed this time.

The store is full of women’s und3rwear, all kinds of styles, fresh and young girls, s3xy women, and that kind of fun… all he hasn’t touched before.

At this time, the enthusiastic clerk came over, “Handsome guy, are you buying und3rwear for your girlfriend? What style does your girlfriend like? I’ll recommend it to you.”

The clerk here sees this situation frequently, the boyfriend buys und3rwear for his girlfriend.

This question really baffled the talented young Dexter, he didn’t know what style Jolie liked.

He suddenly remembered the little sl!ng she wore in the cave that day. It was white, with a circle of lace on the neckline, which was very young.

He looked around and saw a similar style, “Just take that one. Give me a set.”

Und3rpants are also needed.

The clerk nodded clearly, “Handsome man, it seems that your girlfriend is very pure.”

Yes, she is…pure.

“Handsome guy, what size does your girlfriend wear?”

What size?

“There are different sizes here, if you don’t know it, you can… feel it.” The clerk said implicitly, but pointed his finger at the cup of the und3rwear.

Dexter’s serious face was stained red, what size she was wearing… She was lying in his arms in the cave that day, and he secretly watched it.

He pointed to a size, “This is it.”

The clerk said “Wow”, “Handsome man, your girlfriend is very material.”

Dexter carried the bag back to the hotel, and then rang the doorbell.

Soon there was a girl’s voice from inside, “Who?”

When he left, he told her to lock the door and not allow anyone to open the door. She was very good.

“It’s me.” Dexter said.

Jolie quickly opened the door, “Are you back?”

“En.” Dexter walked in and locked the door back, and then he passed the bag over, “I’ll give you the stuff. You can take a shower and change it.”

“Okay.” Jolie took the bag and went into the shower room.

In the bathroom, she opened the bag, he bought sanitary napk!ns, and also bought a small sl!ng and pant!es.

She took out the small sl!ng, the small white lace sl!ng, which was still a halter neck, looked pure and lu5tful.

Jolie knew that he had gone to buy sanitary napk!ns, but she did not expect that he would even buy personal clothing for her.

Was this halter neck strap bought in her style, or… did he like it?

Jolie’s face was slightly red.

She entered the frosted door and quickly took a hot shower out, put on the dress he bought, she looked at herself in the mirror…

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