The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2588

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2588
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Chapter 2588

The plush doll, wearing a pink princess dress, is very cute.

Dexter looked at the boss, “I want it, for how much?”

The proprietress smiled, “Young man, you really spoil your girlfriend, and you spoil her as a little princess.”

Dexter paid the money, and he said in his heart that she was originally the little princess, and of course she was also the little princess in his palm.

Jolie had sat up a long time ago, she was lying on the window watching, it was raining outside, but he had gone out, he must have gotten wet, she should have pulled him tightly just now to prevent him from going out.

When does he come back?

On the one hand, she was worried about him, and on the other hand, staying here alone was a bit scared. In short, every minute of his absence was like a year. She didn’t know what it was like, but it was very difficult.

At this time, there was a “jingle” and the doorbell rang.


“It is me.”

When the familiar low-alcohol voice came, Jolie quickly lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, ran over with bare feet, quickly opened the door of the room, and Dexter stood outside the door soaked.

“Dexter, you are back, your clothes are all wet.”

“It’s okay.” his eyes fell on her bare feet. He frowned and said irritably, “Who made you barefoot? Your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. You can catch a cold.”


Jolie wanted to explain, she was too anxious to open the door for him and forgot to put on her shoes, but then Dexter walked in, and his strong body squatted down, reaching out to hold her soft and slender ankles.

Holding her ankle in one hand and taking out slippers in the other, he personally helped her put on the shoes.

Jolie was startled.

At this moment Dexter stood up, “What are you still doing, lying on the bed.”

He was soaked all over, otherwise, he would have embraced her when she was standing stupidly.

“Oh.” Jolie turned her head and ran into the bed “driving”, obediently listening to him.

“Dexter, hurry up and take a hot bath, don’t catch a cold.” She urged.

Dexter didn’t enter the shower room, he opened the bag, poured a cup of brown sugar water, and handed it to Jolie, “Hurry up and drink it while it is hot.”

“You put it there, I will do it myself, you go take a bath first…”

“Want me to feed you?”

“…” Jolie took the brown sugar water smoothly, and took two gulps.

At this time, Dexter stuffed her the hot water bottle, “put it on her stomach.”

“Thank you.” Jolie took the hot water bottle.

At this time, he handed out another thing, “I’ll give this to you too.”

She looked up and saw a plush doll in his hand.

Her eyes lit up, and no girl could refuse a doll with a good face, and she was no exception. She didn’t expect Dexter to brave the storm and buy her a doll.

The doll was put in a bag and brought back in his arms all the way, so it was not wet at all.

“You bought it?” Jolie looked up at him with a small face.

“En,” Dexter nodded, “Sorry, next time we will stay in a hotel with good conditions.”

Jolie felt a pain in her heart. Even if the two of them didn’t say anything, they were born here. He was very sorry to bring her to this poorly-conditioned hotel.

This young man was cold and arrogant in his bones, but in front of Jolie, who was a princess, he was cautiously humble and pious.

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