The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2589

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2589
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Chapter 2589

Jolie trembles lightly, then hums lightly, “Who said there is another time, I don’t want to go to the hotel with you!”

Said that she took the doll and hugg3d it in her arms happily.

Dexter hooked his thin lips, turned, and went into the shower room, “You go to bed first, and I will take a bath.”

There was a splash of water in the shower room. He took a bath in it while Jolie was lying on the bed.

Just after drinking a cup of brown sugar water with a hot water bottle on her belly, she immediately felt that the pain in her lower abdomen was relieved, and it no longer hurts.

Jolie held the doll he gave her lovingly, and k!ssed the doll twice on the face. Oh, why is the doll he bought so cute?

At this time, she remembered one thing. She quickly took out her mobile phone. The text message from Rosie had already exploded and asked her why she still didn’t reach home.

She replied… Rosie, it is raining heavily outside, I can only wait for the rain to stop before coming home, you go to bed first, don’t wait for me.

“Ding”, Rosie’s reply came quickly… Sister Jolie, you, the missing person, are finally online. Where are you now, I will ask the driver to pick you up. No matter how heavy the rain is, it can’t stop you from coming home.

Taking her home?

Actually, Jolie didn’t think about it, but Dexter is here…

… Rosie, don’t care about me, I’m fine, no need to pick me up.

… Sister Jolie, you don’t want to come home, are you telling me honestly, where are you now, my goodness, you wouldn’t be with Dexter, right?

Rosie guessed it.

Jolie wanted to reply to the text message, but several text messages from Rosie came bombing.

… My God, Sister Jolie, you are still dating Dexter even so late.

… Where are you now? Isn’t it in the grove? No, such a heavy rain won’t be enough for you, let you go to… the hotel right?

… Sister Jolie, are you okay now, have you… talked to Dexter… that…

Rosie was innocent, and the ignorant was fearless, so she was embarrassed to ask anything, but Jolie’s little face was boiled with a “teng”, and she returned one… no!

Rosie… Really? Can Dexter bear it?

Jolie… Dexter is a decent gentleman, he is not so bad-minded!

Rosie… Humph! That’s it!

Jolie… Rosie, don’t speak ill of him!

This text message had just been sent, and with a click, the door of the shower room suddenly opened, and Dexter walked out.

He had already taken a shower, changed into his newly bought clean clothes, white T and black trousers. Now his neat short hair is lying wet on his forehead. The boy in the dim light is really handsome.

“Are you ready?” Jolie showed a pair of watery eyes in the quilt.

“En.” Dexter wiped his short hair casually, then lay on the sofa, “Does your stomach still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Jolie shook her head, “Dexter, am I in trouble?”

She was tossing here this evening, he was taking care of her, and she felt that she was very troublesome.

Dexter glanced at her. The girl’s arms were on the bed, and the collar of her school uniform shirt was very large, and she could vaguely see the white suspenders on her neck.

The thin, pure black hair wrapped around her neck, it was really white. The white, the red, the black strongly stimulate people’s eyeballs.

If she is a trouble, then ask her to trouble him as much as possible, and stop looking for others.

He just likes trouble.

Dexter shook his head, “No.”

There is no air conditioner in this room. The violent storm outside made the temperature suddenly freeze. The only quilt was also given to Jolie. After Jolie slept for a while, her head came out again, “Dexter, are you cold?”

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