The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2591

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2591
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Chapter 2591

A text message can tell that Rosen misses and likes Jolie.

Dexter moved his finger and directly deleted the text message.

At this time, Rosie’s text messages bounced out, and one of them was… Sister Jolie, you must be a real fake show, and you like Dexter!

In fact, Dexter was not interested in the content of these two little girls’ conversations, but this piece of information attracted his attention. Did Jolie like him?

What he concealed about Molly was that he wanted her to approach him proactively, and he wanted her heart.

Now Prince Rosen has started to move, and there is not much time left for him. He must make her like him.

Dexter picked up his mobile phone and tapped his slender fingers quickly on the keyboard. Soon he captured the IP of Prince Rosen and intercepted the line. In this way, every text message sent by him will sink to the sea, and Jolie will not receive one.

Putting down the phone, Dexter lowered his handsome eyelids again and looked at the girl in his arms. She slept very sweetly and didn’t have any sense of vigilance against him. How could he act on her?

In fact, ruining her engagement with Rosen was very simple, because he knew better than anyone the weakness of the royal family.

Jolie, I’m sorry, I have never been a good person, on the contrary, I am very bad.

In order to get you, I can do whatever it takes.

Dexter raised his hand and unbutt0ned Jolie’s school uniform sh!rt one by one, and the girl’s white and greasy muscles were immediately revealed, incredibly fragrant.


He took a picture.

He lay on Jolie’s b0dy and took another photo.

At this moment, Jolie, who was asleep, moved with a hum.

Dexter froze.

She moved, then stretched out a small hand to hug his waist, and fell asleep again.

Dexter’s deep eyes were stained with scarlet red. She was clean and pure. She always thought he was a good man, a gentleman, so she could hold him tightly and trust him, but he did a lot of things behind her back. If one day she knew his true face, how would she think of him?

“Jolie, I’m sorry, I like you.” The young man murmured in a dumb voice.

However, Jolie, who was asleep, was destined to not hear.

The first exam for No. 1 Middle School officially began. This was also the day when Dexter and Herman battled decisively. This was not only about the only place in the Digital Programming Contest, but also about Jolie’s snatch match, so Herman paid much attention to it.

In the morning, he brought a group of people to the school early, when Jolie also came, and Herman immediately went forward, “Senior Jolie, guess who will win this time?”

This competition has already caused a sensation in the whole school, and the attention is very high. She knew that Herman worked very hard in the past two days, and he also invited a famous teacher to give one-on-one tutoring, and Dexter… still went to sleep in class, Jolie had no bottom in her heart.

However, she still supports Dexter, and sometimes our trust and support for certain people are unconditional.

“Herman-senior, then I’ll bet Dexter to win.” Jolie said.

“You!” Herman was very angry. He and Dexter are both a dragon and a worm. Everyone with a discerning eye can see the difference, “Senior Jolie, then you just wait and see, I will definitely cure your eye!”

As he said, Herman took the people away, “Let’s go.”

“Senior Herman, why is Jolie so sure that Dexter will win? Dexter is really fascinated. Not to mention how he got into the first middle school. Just because the principal attaches such importance to him is very strange.” A classmate asked puzzled.

Herman was also a little uneasy. He would never lose this game. If Dexter didn’t come to the competition, everyone would think he had escaped…

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