The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2592

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2592
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Chapter 2592

Herman put all the honor on this game, so he couldn’t afford to lose at all. Dexter, a young man like a fan, hides too many secrets in his body. This sudden anxiety made Herman vigilant, so he Moved crookedly.

Herman left the crowd on the excuse of going to the bathroom, and came to a remote corner alone. He took out his cell phone and dialed a phone number, “Hey, Dad, please do me a favor…”

Christel was leaving, because there was still one day left before Jeter took her away. When she was about to leave, her brother Dexter was the most reassured, and she called Dexter.

But the phone on that end rang again and again, and no one answered.

What is Dex doing now?

Christel dialed father Victor’s mobile phone number, and Victor quickly connected.

“Hey, Christel, are you looking for dad?”

Victor’s life has been very moist recently, because Jeter sent someone to give him a large sum of money.

He spent so much that he directly regarded his daughter as a cash cow, thinking that he would be prosperous and wealthy for the rest of his life.

Christel saw it through and didn’t say it. She had no feelings for this father anymore, and when she disappeared, his good days would come to an end.

“I can’t get through to Dex. Do you know what Dex is doing now? Did you go to Dex again to ask for money?”

Victor didn’t dare to make his daughter angry now, and quickly explained, “Christel, you wronged my father. You told me not to harass Dex, so I didn’t show up in front of him, Christel, you Don’t worry about Dex, his life is very good!”

Hearing the last sentence, Christel’s eyes fell cold, “How can you say this, because you and I are dragged down, Dex has had a hard time, he…”

“It’s OK to get dyed, Dex is not a family with us, don’t worry about him blindly, you can’t worry about him.” Victor interrupted Christel directly.

Christel’s heart jumped, because she heard the nuances in Victor’s words, “What is it that Dex is not a family with us? Please make it clear, are you hiding something from me?”

Victor also found that he had leaked his mouth. He quickly covered his mouth and dodged, “Christel, I’m talking nonsense, don’t take it seriously.”

“You must be hiding something from me. Tell me quickly, or else…I will tell Jeter tonight that I will not give you any more money and let you starve to death on the street.” Christel threatened.

Victor panicked immediately. This daughter is his cash cow, “Christel, in fact, it’s okay to tell you that Dex is not your brother, nor is he, my son.”


Christel was stunned. She never thought that Dexter was not her own brother.

How can it be?

However, Victor hadn’t been close to Dexter since he was a child, and had no relationship between father and son. Dexter was born a digital genius with a very strong gene. Just like Victor, he shouldn’t be able to give birth to such a son.

Christel was startled, “Dex is not your son, whose son is that?”

Victor was quite cautious and evasive about this topic. “I don’t know the specifics, but Dex’s life experience is unusual. Don’t ask if you don’t know anything. It’s safest to know nothing.”

Victor was rare and serious, his tone was mysterious and nervous, as if Dexter’s real life experience could bring him a murderous disaster.

Dexter’s life experience is extraordinary.

What kind of life experience can be called “unusual”?

Christel is not too interested in this. She is most worried about her younger brother Dexter, “Does Dex know about this? Did you make him pay attention to safety?”

“Christel, my silly daughter, I said that you don’t need to worry about Dex’s affairs. He already knew his life experience. For someone as deep as him, we are not his opponents.”

Dex already knew his life experience?

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