The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2594

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2594
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Chapter 2594

Jolie looked at the time, Dexter must be late.

He knows that today’s exam competition will definitely come, he is not afraid, and he is not a stubborn turtle.

But everyone has been talking about it.

“Look, Dexter’s seat is empty, he didn’t come!”

“What’s so strange about this, he must be scared, because he was afraid that he would lose too badly, so he ran away.”

“Originally, the principal gave Dexter the only place in the digital programming contest and he couldn’t convince the crowd. This time, he must be replaced. Senior Herman will play for us.”

Jolie raised her eyebrows.

At this time, there was a “jingle”, the test bell rang, and the first test began. The first test was math.

Dexter still didn’t come.

“Now we start to issue test papers, please answer the questions carefully.” The invigilator reminded.

Jolie looked at Dexter’s seat, it was empty, and Dexter did not come until the maths test was over an hour later.

He missed the math test perfectly.

“Jolie, this time mathematics is so difficult. I heard the news early. This time, the test papers of the eight prestigious schools are quite difficult. I don’t think that the 150-point math paper will pass 100. The last two questions expand thinking I don’t know a single question.” Cora said frustrated.

This time the math test paper was indeed difficult. Jolie was already partial to the subject, so her test was not ideal. The key is that she had always been thinking about Dexter in her heart.

Why isn’t he coming yet?

What did he do?

Does he really want to play?

“Sister Jolie,” Herman walked over swaggeringly at this moment, very proud, “I heard that Dexter didn’t come to take the exam. I really didn’t expect him to be a tortoise.

Jolie looked at Herman, “He is not.”

Herman knew that Jolie would protect Dexter, and that kid Dexter seemed to have lowered his head to Jolie, which fascinated her too much.

“Jolie, don’t you know? We have a bet. This bet is for you. Whoever wins the game will go to whomever you are. It seems that Dexter gave up the game and also gave you up.”

Jolie hated this Herman more and more, and didn’t want to talk to him again, “You are so ridiculous, I don’t belong to anyone, I only belong to myself.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

“Sister Jolie!” Herman grabbed Jolie’s slender wrist.

Dexter had also pulled her wrist before, and even held her hand, but there was no resistance in her heart. Now being held by Herman, she was particularly disgusted and could hardly accept his touch.

“Herman, let me go!” Jolie pushed him vigorously.

“Sister Jolie, why do you like Dexter? What is good about him? A poor boy has a dark history, what can he bring to you?” Herman excitedly grabbed Jolie again.

Jolie’s bright little face was completely cold. She wanted to talk, but the next second came to a low-alcohol and cold voice, “Let her go!”

Jolie turned her head to see that Dexter was here.

He is finally here!

She knew that he would come!

“Dexter!” Jolie’s eyes lit up.

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