The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2595

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2595
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Chapter 2595

Herman was stunned. He didn’t expect Dexter to come again, obviously, he had already called someone to intercept him.

Dexter wears an academy-style white shirt, and his thin bangs cover his thin and gloomy eyes. There is dotted color on his handsome face, which does not affect his charm in the least, on the contrary. He added a bit of wildness.

Dexter walked over with his long legs, his falcon-like gaze scanned Herman’s hand that was still on Jolie’s wrist, then lifted his thin lips, “Let go of her.”

He said this twice.

“Lin…Dexter, how did you come…” Herman stammered a little.

Dexter glanced at Herman. He just had a fight, his hostility has not disappeared, “I don’t like to say it a third time, if you don’t let go, then you will be responsible for yourself in the end. Like those people, lying in the hospital.”

He… got them?

Herman subconsciously let go.

At this time, Dexter stretched out his fingers with distinct joints to hold Jolie’s small hand, and with a slight tug, Jolie’s slender body fell directly into his arms.

She stood upright, and felt Dexter’s arm rested on the slender waist that she was holding, and hugg3d her lightly.

Jolie had read a magazine before, and a man hugg3d a woman’s waist. This was a nak3d possessiveness and an oath.

He is swearing… she is his.

Dexter hugg3d Jolie and left. When he left, he even bumped into Herman and whispered, “You be careful for me.”

Herman was about to explode, this Dexter was too arrogant.

But Herman was a little frightened in his heart. He always felt that Dexter was not so simple on the surface, a poor boy, who was able to retreat even in the fierce battle with the powerful Zhang family four years ago.

In Jeter’s search, all the people who can hide his sister well, and those who win the heart of Princess Jolie step by step, feel terrified, and make people shudder.

This Dexter seemed to hide a lot of secrets.

“Dexter, what if you come, you have missed the math test, I won this game, you lost!” Herman shouted.

But Dexter didn’t stop at all, he led Jolie away.

Jolie looked at the wound on Dexter’s face, “Dexter, why are you hurt, let me see.”

She raised her hand and gently stroked his wound, “Is it because Herman made people do it? He was afraid that you would beat him in the exam, so he sent someone to beat you. Isn’t it really hateful? I’ll do it right now. Go find him!”

“Jolie.” Dexter grabbed her little hand.

Her hands were small and slippery, soft and boneless, Dexter dragged her little hand into his palm and squeezed it lightly, “This is a matter between men. I don’t need you to protect me. Otherwise, I feel like the little white face you raised.”

Jolie’s face flushed suddenly, and she quickly withdrew her little hand, “What little white face, don’t talk nonsense!”

Dexter licked his lips, “Let’s go, the second exam is about to begin.”

“Dexter, you have missed the math test. There is no hope of winning this competition.” Jolie’s brows were very dim.

Dexter didn’t speak, just stared at her.

“What are you looking at?” she was puzzled.

At this moment, Dexter suddenly stepped forward and approached her.

His eyes are very aggressive now, like a thoughtful hunter staring at his delicious prey, pressing harder every step of the way.

Jolie instinctively retreated, and as soon as she retreated, she retreated to the wall, unable to retreat.

At this time, Dexter’s body oppressed, “Jolie, if I win, you will belong to me, okay?”

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