The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2599

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2599
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Chapter 2599

Herman’s expression was hard to see to the extreme. He had always had an ominous hunch, and now this hunch has finally come to fruition. He lost this game and it became a joke.

“Principal! Principal, you are here!” At this moment, Principal Yang walked in.

All the students gathered around, including the class teacher. They couldn’t wait to ask, “Principal, Dexter missed the math exam this time, and the others are full marks. What is going on here? What is the origin of Dexter?”

Principal Yang knew that he couldn’t hide it. In fact, he didn’t want to hide it. He spent a lot of time and energy to lure Dexter into No. 1 Middle School, but Dexter was too low-key and asked him to keep it secret before entering No. 1 Middle School.

Now it was Dexter who took the exam to become famous, but he didn’t leak the secrets.

Principal Yang waved his hand with a smile, “I know that everyone is very curious about Dexter, and there are many speculations about how he entered the First High School, so I won’t hide it from everyone, Dexter is not a sc*mbag at all. His IQ is different from ordinary people, he is a digital genius.”

When these words fell, everyone was shocked that even their eyes fell. It turned out that Dexter was really a genius.

If he didn’t guess wrong, he still changed. Genius.

Herman felt that the whole world was mysterious. The person he always looked down upon turned out to be a digital genius with a superior IQ. No wonder Dexter was so arrogant in front of him. His past provocations must be ridiculous to Dexter. He was acting as a jumping clown.

Herman’s face was ashamed, he was looking for a dead-end in this game, and he lost it through and through.

Soon, the school was unveiled, and the school ranked high on the honor list. The first place Dexter was marked with a red pen, which attracted the whole school’s crowd.

Cora felt incredible. She hugg3d Jolie’s arm and said, “Jolie, is this true? Everyone says that Dexter is a genius. All the famous schools have spread it. There are many people who want to see Dexter.”

Jolie knew that Dexter had become famous in the first battle. This was the honor he deserved. She was proud of him and proud of him thoroughly.

But Cora said again, “Jolie, this Dexter hides very deeply. He is obviously a genius, and he pretends to be either absent from school or sleeping. It is really damning to turn our jokes around!”

Jolie quivered. This Cora mentioned the point, and Dexter did it on purpose.

He was deliberately quite obvious.

That night she had a mathematical thinking problem that she couldn’t do. He drew graphics on the notebook to remind her, but he said that he painted it casually.

He also said that he had poor grades and asked her to make up lessons for him. While saying “I like you” in more than a dozen foreign languages, he also teased her “Ms. Jolie” on the other.

It was even more exaggerated this time, he said … if he wins the game, she belongs to him.

He is a genius, how could he lose? He knew he would win.

He clearly set up a bureau to deceive her.

It’s really hateful.

There was a commotion in her ears. Cora secretly tugged at the corner of her clothes and whispered, “Jolie, look at it, the genius is here!”

Jolie turned around, and saw everyone voluntarily yielding a way, and his handsome body slowly drove into the line of sight.

Dexter is here.

As soon as he appeared, he instantly attracted everyone’s attention like a magnet.

Dexter, with a “genius” halo on his head, and his indifferent aura have deterred everyone, everyone let out his debut and let him walk in the middle of the crowd.

Jolie looked at him, Dexter raised his head and his eyes fell on her.

In the vast sea of ​​people, the two people looked at each other.

Jolie ended this confrontation first, and she twisted her eyebrows, then turned around and left.

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