The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2634 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2634 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2634

What is he doing?

Jolie blushed, and hurriedly stretched out a little hand to push him, “Dexter, are you crazy, Rosie still watching at the door!”

Dexter turned his head, a look in his eyes immediately k!lled Rosie at the door.

Rosie was already stunned. Oh my god, what did she see, the classic picture in the idol drama…Oh no, it was him. It was performed in front of her. Brother-in-law is really handsome. , Don’t want to be so…

She is still so young, is it appropriate to stage this scene in front of her?

After all, she was young enough to bear all this.

Now Dexter came over with a single look, Rosie took a step back in fright, and quickly covered her eyes with both hands, “I…I didn’t see anything, you continue.”

After speaking, she turned around and left.

Jolie also hoped that Dexter would let her go because of Rosie’s existence. Unexpectedly, Rosie would run away first. Jolie said, “…Rosie!”

As if hearing her calling, Rosie suddenly stopped and returned.

When Jolie’s eyes lit up, she knew that her wife wouldn’t leave her and run like this.

Seeing Rosie came back, she stretched out a small hand and closed the door directly, “Sister Jolie, brother-in-law, I will close the door for you so that no one will bother you, haha.”

Rosie’s smiling face disappeared with the closed door, Jolie, “…”

“Dexter, don’t do this, are you angry? Let go of me first, I can explain it!” Jolie struggled, she thought this posture was weird.

Dexter easily clasped her two slender wrists with a few slender fingers and pressed them on top of her head. He looked at her condescendingly, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance now. You can explain it to me.”


“Who is Edward? Why did you call him senior, Jolie, I found out that you have a lot of seniors. He texted you when you were in school, right?”

“Why did you lie about him as a female? , You accompany him to the shopping mall and you lied to me that you have gone home. Now, well, you said that he is the teacher who tutored you homework. Come and tell me why you guys got together while tutoring, if I didn’t come, what will happen next?”

Jolie was originally going to explain, but he interrupted her directly and rudely. He also smashed so many questions all at once, so strong and fierce, Jolie suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“Jolie, didn’t you want to explain to me, why don’t you talk anymore, dumb, speak quickly!” Dexter roared from his throat.

Jolie shrank in fright, she had never seen Dexter like this, it was really terrifying.

Dexter’s eyes were stained with red blood, looking at the dark but gloomy, his chest was constantly panting, up and down, like a wild horse, almost unable to control himself.

It was the first time Jolie saw him so out of control.

“Dexter, I…”

She wanted to talk, but her vision went dark, and Dexter suddenly deceived her and k!ssed her directly on the l!ps.

What is he doing?

Jolie was k!ssed forcibly at the entrance of the alley that night, and now it seems that his aura must be a felonious offender. Jolie immediately turned his head and avoided his k!ss.

Dexter’s thin lips fell on her hair, his handsome eyes closed, and he began to k!ss her hair.

Jolie’s small face was red and white, why did he k!ss her hair, is it abnormal?

He had k!ssed her fingers before, one by one.

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