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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2636 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2636

What is he doing?

Jolie quickly held his hand and glared at him angrily, “Dexter, dare you!”

Dexter gave a finger, really dare not, even though this thought came to his mind.

The atmosphere froze for a few seconds, he slowly let go of her, then got up and got out of bed.

Jolie sat up and saw him walk to the window of the room. He slipped a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket with one hand, and then lit it with a lighter. He silently began to swallow the clouds.

This was the first time Jolie saw Dexter smoking a cigarette. The young man stood silently by the window. The young man in black shirt and black trousers was unparalleled and handsome. The smoke filled the hazy mountains and rain added a sense of incomprehensibility and a touch of s3xy decadence.

Jolie walked over and grabbed the cigarette in his hand, “Dexter, you can’t smoke now!”

Dexter raised his arm and didn’t let her grab it. Not only that, he lowered his head and vomited a puff of smoke on her little face.

Extremely bad.

Jolie was choked directly, “Dexter, you are too much!”

She coughed up her white eyes and looked at him moving, but this time Dexter didn’t say anything to comfort her. He looked at her with deep eyes, “Jolie, I drink, smoke, and fight, and my temper is not always the same. Good stubbornness, if this is too much, I can do too much, too much, beyond your imagination, so you recognize me, I am such a person.”

After speaking, Dexter pulled off his long legs and left.

he’s gone?

He just left?

“Dexter, didn’t you come to get the gift, don’t you want the gift?” Jolie asked.

Dexter’s footsteps in front of him paused slightly, he did not look back, “Well, no more.”

His strong figure quickly disappeared from sight.

Soon Rosie’s voice came from outside, “Brother-in-law, are you going?”

The door was closed.

Rosie rushed in, with curiosity and gossip on her face, “Sister Jolie, why did my brother-in-law leave so quickly? Did he misunderstand you and Senior Yang? I just saw his face, it was terrible!”

Jolie knew that his face was terrible, and that he was still weird, and he couldn’t say what was wrong.

“Sister Jolie, it’s okay, I will explain it to my brother-in-law myself when I go to school tomorrow.”


Tomorrow is the digital programming contest.

Originally, Dexter didn’t agree to participate in the competition personally, but now things are still happening like this, Jolie was upset for a while.

When Edward brought it up, his legs were still soft, and when he thought of Dexter’s hostile look, he felt like he was left behind.

He took the car key and was about to get on the car, but then a few people in black appeared and quickly approached him.

“You…who are you?” Edward secretly said that it’s not good.

The headed man in black looked at him, “You have offended someone who shouldn’t be offend, you know?”

Offended someone who shouldn’t be offend, who is it?

Dexter’s handsome young face full of hostility suddenly appeared in Edward’s head.

is it him?

“You… don’t mess around, if you dare to move me, I will sue you…ah!”

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