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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2637 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2637

Edward’s eyes went dark, because the man in black put a snakeskin bag directly on his head.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!”

When Edward was struggling, he felt that he was lifted up. He smelled the damp and gloomy smell when he was bumping all the way. The man in black threw him rudely into a small alley, and then punched and kicked like a storm coming and hitting.

“Ah! Help, help!” Edward screamed.

At this time, a long black business car came slowly by the roadside, and the rear window slid down, revealing Dexter’s handsome face.

The headed man in black stood respectfully by the door and reported, “Young Master, this person has already been severely taught.”

Dexter gently raised his eyelids and glanced into the alley. Edward’s screams were already weakened.

He retracted his gaze and coughed lowly.

“Young Master, your arm is bleeding again!”

Dexter was injured in a car crash just now. He just asked his private doctor to do a simple dressing and went to find Jolie. Now his arm is bleeding again, and the blood wets a large area of ​​the black shirt.

“Young Master, we’d better go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.” The man in black persuaded worriedly.

Dexter’s face was a bit pale, he shook his head silently, “No, I know my body, I’m fine.”

“Young Master…” The man in black still wanted to persuade.

But then Dexter suddenly said, “Clean up, we will leave here early tomorrow morning.”


The man in black was startled, did not understand what Dexter meant, “Young Master, where do we leave to?”

Dexter, “Going home.”

“But Young Master, your mission has not been completed yet, where is Jolie…”

The man in black hadn’t finished speaking, when a string of melodious cell phone ringing rang, Dexter received a call.

He pressed the key, and an old voice quickly came from the other end, “Dex, what do you mean, have you forgotten your mission on this trip?”

There was no emotional wave between Dexter’s eyebrows and eyes. The sparse light was plated on his side face, casting a dim silhouette,

“I haven’t forgotten, my mission on this trip is Jolie, but I can’t complete this mission. I gave up Jolie.”

“Dex, why would you give up Jolie?”

“Because… she doesn’t like me, it makes it difficult for me to control her if I don’t get her heart. If I keep on entangled, it will just waste time. I don’t want to waste time on her.”


“There are actually many ways to get revenge. Starting from Jolie is undoubtedly the most stupid way. I don’t want to start from a woman,” said Dexter lazily entering the seat, he hooked A little bit of eagle-like sharp light overflowed from the deep eyes,

“For me, without Jolie, the pace of revenge would only be faster.”

There was silence for a few seconds at the other end, “Dex, you really have decided, and you will leave tomorrow.”

“Yes it is.”

“There is little princess Jolie…”

“I was not the same with her, she will soon forget me. When we meet again, she will be Princess Wonderland or the first princess, and I am the young master of the Scorpion Country.”

“I have never been better than I have been more sober at this moment. I understand my responsibility and mission. When I meet again, she will understand who I am, and I will not show mercy to her.”

Dexter’s voice was very weak, and Edward’s appearance tonight made him completely abandon Jolie.

He and Jolie are people from two worlds. He was born to balance the pros and cons, choose the pros and cons, and was so sensible that he never made any mistakes. He deeply understands that he has invested too much in Jolie. If the things go like this, he will be controlled by her.

When she knows who he is, she will definitely hate him.

And he will definitely not show mercy to her men.

Her Wonderland, her fiancé, her close relatives…he will never let go of them.

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