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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2638 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2638

In fact, Dexter knows that Edward has not done anything, but he already has a sense of crisis and vigilance. His caring for Jolie is growing wildly. He can no longer invest time in this relationship. He must go away.

“Okay, Dex, we follow all your decisions. Tomorrow our power and eyeliner will be fully withdrawn. And Dex, there is one thing I need to tell you. Prince Rosen has noticed something wrong. He is coming soon.”

Prince Rosen is coming, look for Jolie.

The last time Dexter manipulated Jolie’s mobile phone, Prince Rosen was already alert and he was already on his way.

All this is coming, but it was a bit earlier than Dexter imagined.

After hanging up the phone, everything fell silent. Soon after a few “ding, ding ding,” a few short messages came from Dexter’s cell phone, all of which were sent by Jolie.

Dexter opened the text message, and Jolie patiently explained what happened.

“Dexter, Edward is the mathematics teacher Rosie arranged for me. I am not good at math, so I want to secretly learn to catch up with you and give you a surprise.”

“It’s the same for shopping in the mall today. I went to buy you a gift, and I want to give you a big one without telling you.”

“Nothing really happened to Edward and I, it’s just that I fell and he helped me and was seen by you, Dexter, don’t be angry, OK? I admit that it’s my fault to lie. I apologize to you.”

Dexter sat in the car and quietly watched the text messages she sent. He thought that if she was there, he would look up at him with a pair of deer-like water eyes and softly explain.

Dexter turned off the phone and closed his eyes gently.

The next day.

The digital programming contest officially started today, and Jolie and Cora went to the scene.

Principal Yang hurried over, “Student Jolie, have you seen Dexter? Why hasn’t he come yet?”

“Yes, Jolie, all the contestants from other schools are here, so Dexter is the only one left.” Cora was also a little anxious.

Jolie looked at the contestants. They were all high-spirited teenagers. They were preparing for the race urgently. Dexter was really alone.

Dexter did not come.

She sent him a lot of text messages last night, she knew he had read them, but he…can’t read them back.

Jolie raised her eyebrows lightly. She had read such a sad passage in a book before… The best way for an adult to say goodbye is not to black out and delete it, but…I can’t read it back.

Jolie felt a little uneasy.

“Principal, Cora, wait for me, I’ll call Dexter.”

“Okay, go quickly.”

Jolie came to the entrance of the corridor, took out her cell phone and dialed Dexter’s cell phone number.

The phone was connected, but the melodious cell phone rang again and again, but no one answered.

He did not answer the phone.

At this time, a cold and mechanical female voice came… sorry, the call you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later.

What is he doing?

Why don’t you answer the phone?

“Jolie.” At this moment someone walked over in front of her.

Jolie looked up and saw that it was Edward, but today’s Edward has a bruised nose and swollen face. At first glance, he was beaten up.

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