The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2639 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2639 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2639

“Senior Yang, what’s wrong with you? Why are you injured?” Jolie was surprised. He was fine when he left last night.

Edward’s face was ugly, “Jolie, after I left you last night, a few people in black covered my head with a snakeskin bag. They beat me up.”

“What? Who are those people? Why do they beat you?”

“Jolie, don’t you see it yet? They were sent by Dexter. Dexter made people beat me!” Edward was very angry. He was originally a judge of this digital programming contest.

He was going to show his face on the TV station, but his image with a swollen face and swollen nose was so bad that he was disqualified directly. He really hated Dexter.

Jolie quivered, and immediately denied, “Impossible! Dexter wouldn’t do such a thing!”

“Jolie, don’t you believe me? How long have you known Dexter, do you really understand who he is?”

Jolie was a little confused.

“Jolie, let me tell you that Dexter is definitely not a person who looks so simple on the surface. He hides it deeply. You must not be deceived by his appearance!”

“Enough!” she interrupted him directly, “I don’t want to hear this. The competition has started, and I am going in.”

Jolie walked in.

Principal Yang and Cora gathered around at the same time, “Jolie, how is it, is Dexter’s cell phone connected?”

Jolie looked at Principal Yang and shook her head, “Principal, Dexter can’t get through on the phone.”

Principal Yang seemed to have been mentally prepared, he sighed regretfully, “Forget it, the twisted melon is not sweet, let’s sit down and watch the game.”

It can only be this way.

At this time, the host stepped onto the stage, “Everyone, there is one thing to announce. We just learned that Dexter, a contestant in No. 1 Middle School, has temporarily retired. We are deeply sorry.”


Everyone started to whisper. Not long ago, Dexter had scored full marks in the exam except for missing mathematics and became famous. Everyone wanted to meet this legend and also wanted to take a look at his math level. Now they heard that he has retired.

At this time, the host removed Dexter’s entry card, and Dexter officially retired.

Jolie couldn’t tell the gloom and loss in her heart. She wanted to see him standing on the stage. It seemed that this was a pity after all.

“Jolie, let’s sit down.” Cora said.


Jolie just wanted to sit down, but at this time a staff member with a blue card hanging around his neck came over and said politely, “Jolie, classmate Cora, your seat is there, please come with me.”

Jolie found it strange that she had seen the ranking of No. 1 before coming, and it should be here.

“Jolie, why are you in a daze? The game is about to begin, so I’ll be seated quickly.” Cora pulled Jolie away.

On the other side, Dexter arrived at the airport and his subordinates respectfully said, “Young Master, the special plane is ready, let’s go in.”

Dexter pulled out his long legs and planned to go in.

But then his cell phone rang suddenly and a call came.

He took out his cell phone and stopped when he saw the caller ID.

He pressed the key to connect the phone, and the happy and crazy voice came over quickly, “Hi boy, long time no see, I heard that you retired today, what a pity, we also prepared a big one for you.”

Dexter had no expression, just lifted his thin lips indifferently, “Speaking of the point.”

“Boy, this one is still on the scene. If you don’t come, I asked the little princess Jolie to take it on her behalf. She has a timer on her body. If you don’t unlock it within a fixed time, she will be bombed with a bang into pieces you can’t even count.”

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