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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2640 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2640

Dexter’s eyes sank suddenly, “You dare to move her, I will let you die without a place to bury you!”

“Tsk Tsk.” The other side laughed twice, “They all say that the hero is sad for the Beauty. It seems that you really like this little princess Jolie.”

“Young Master, the boarding time is almost up, let’s go in.” At this time, the subordinate reminded.

Dexter hung up the phone, “The plan is cancelled. I won’t leave today.”

“What? Master…”

Dexter turned around, and his figure quickly disappeared from the airport.

This time the digital programming contest is very much appreciated. All channels of TV stations have come. The contest officially started.

The big TV screen scrolled the numbers quickly in seconds. The players watched nervously, and no one had calculated the programming style.

“Jolie, this time the programming contest is very difficult. I heard that the difficulty this time is the highest in history. You see, these contestants are all outstanding from the famous schools, but a few minutes have passed and they haven’t solved it yet. When the answer comes out, I think someone is sweating.” Cora said.

Jolie looked at the numbers scrolling on the screen. She was already struggling with the mathematics subject, but now she only feels that these numbers are as dazzling as a heavenly book.

Herman and a few outstanding classmates also came, and they discussed later.

“Senior Herman, have you solved the programming style?”

Herman shook his head, “No, this time is too difficult, even if I go up to participate, there is no hope of winning.”

“Don’t say that, you see those contestants are dumbfounded, but…if Dexter comes to the contest, I wonder if he will?”

“That’s right, last time he got full marks in other subjects, but he missed the math exam. We don’t know his math level, maybe he can.”

Herman hated Dexter so he immediately said, “Come on, maybe Dexter’s worst is mathematics, even if he comes, it won’t work!”

Everyone was silent.

Jolie raised her eyebrows, she was thinking, yeah, if Dexter came to the competition, would he?

His math scores have always been a mystery, and no one knows his true level.

Unfortunately, he did not come.

There will never be an answer to this question.

Jolie was still thinking wildly. At this moment, with a “boom”, the door of the hall was suddenly pushed open.

The scene was very quiet, and such a big movement made everyone’s eyes “brush” together. Jolie also turned her head, and her pupils shrank severely in the next second, because she saw the familiar figure by the door.

Domineering and handsome, who else could it be if not Dexter?

Dexter is here!

why did he come here?

“This student, are you here to watch the game? Now the game has started. Please sit quietly and don’t disturb this time.” A staff member quickly walked to Dexter’s side.

Dexter came from outside, with a cold air on his body. His thin pair of eyes slowly patrolled the dark heads of the people at the scene, and then landed accurately on Jolie’s charming little face.

He saw her in the crowd.

She’s okay, nothing happened yet.

Dexter lifted his thin lips, his low-alcohol voice was not flat, with a commanding tone of condescension and strong command, “Stop the game immediately and evacuate all the people!”


The staff and the people on the scene looked at Dexter like monsters, “This classmate, don’t mess around. If you talk nonsense any more, we will kick you out.”

At this time, President Yang hurried over to explain, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this is our No. 1 middle school student, and today’s retired player Dexter.”

Principal Yang stopped Dexter and whispered, “Dexter, what are you doing, how can you stop the game?”

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