The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2641 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2641 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2641

“How do you stop then?”

“When you solve the programming style, it stops naturally.”

“Oh.” Dexter faintly replied, then pulled off his long legs and walked onto the stage.

Oh my goodness.

What is he doing?

The scene exploded.

“He is the retired player Dexter!”

“What is he doing now? Isn’t he ruining the game?”

Jolie’s heartbeat had already started to speed up. She didn’t expect him to come again, and she didn’t know what he wanted to do because of such a big disturbance.

“Look at him Jolie, this is the person you chose. This boy really looks like a lunatic with a mental disorder. Open your eyes and see who he is!” Herman was right when he caught the opportunity. Jolie sneered.

Indeed, in the eyes of everyone now, Dexter behaved strangely and broke in, really like a lunatic.

Although Jolie didn’t know what Dexter was doing, she knew that Dexter was not a lunatic, she believed him.

At this moment, he walked to the center of the stage. He raised his head and glanced at the large scrolling screen.

After a few seconds, in just a few seconds, he walked to the solver and picked up the pen to “brush” and write that programming style.

“Ding”, the bell of the arena rang automatically, and the game is over.

The robot’s congratulatory voice sounded, “Congratulations to this classmate, you have won, you have won the game!”


The audience gasped, everyone didn’t know what happened, Dexter rushed in and went on stage, winning the game easily in just a few seconds.


Herman was completely stunned. Eyes widened and looked at Dexter on the stage in disbelief. It turned out that Dexter’s strongest is mathematics. He is not a lunatic, but a super genius.

Principal Yang was not surprised by this result. Dexter didn’t want to participate in the competition. It was because this kind of competition was too pediatric for his perverted genius and he didn’t like it.

“Mom, Jolie, Dexter is too good, you pinch me quickly, I feel all this is like a dream.” Cora excitedly hugg3d Jolie’s arm.

Jolie was also shocked, she only knew now that he was such a person!

Dexter stood on the stage, the brilliant lights plated from the top of his head, looking at the colorful lights, this is what he looks like when standing on the stage, so charming.



Bang bang bang.

Don’t know who took the lead in applauding first, first, then two, three… Soon there was a tide of applause from the audience.

Such applause is because of Dexter.

Today’s stage is also Dexter’s.

Jolie curled her lips, she raised her hand, wanting to applaud Dexter.

But Dexter picked up the microphone and directly interrupted the applause of the audience. He said indifferently, “I say it again, and immediately neglect the crowd, because…there is a bomb here, please run quickly, how far can you go? Just run as far.”


This stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the audience immediately exploded, and everyone fled out one after another.

Jolie thought of getting up, but the familiar voice came over again, “Jolie.”

Jolie looked up, and ran into Dexter’s black eyes in the next second, he was calling her name.

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