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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2643 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2643

“Classmate, you…”

Dexter pursed his thin lips, “Go!”

The staff turned around and ran away.

Dexter was left alone at the scene, and he slowly squatted down.

When Jolie returned home, she locked herself in the room by herself.

The lock was at night, and the outside was calm and nothing happened.

Rosie knocked on the door outside, “Sister Jolie, I heard that my brother-in-law took first place in the programming contest today, isn’t it? Congratulations to my brother-in-law.”

There is no sound inside.

“Miss, Miss Jolie has locked herself in, for a whole day and hasn’t come out to eat. I knocked on the door and she didn’t agree.” The maid whispered.

Rosie was startled, “Sister Jolie, what’s wrong, what’s going on, why didn’t you tell me earlier, hurry up and get the key and open the door.”


The maid brought the key, and Rosie quickly opened the door of the room, “Sister Jolie, you…”

Rosie’s voice stopped abruptly, because she saw Jolie, who is now sitting on the carpet beside the bed, hugging her knees, her face buried in her knees, a small and pitiful ball. It’s really heartbreaking to watch.

Rosie has never seen such a desperate sister Jolie, she walked over, “Sister Jolie, what’s wrong with you, are you… crying?”

After approaching Rosie in this way, she realized that Jolie’s shoulders were trembling, and there was a whisper, she was obviously crying.

My God, it’s the first time Rosie saw Jolie crying.

Jolie raised her head with tears on her little face. She cried for a long time, her eyes were red and swollen, and she cried hoarsely, “Rosie.”

“Sister Jolie, don’t cry anymore, don’t cry, what’s the matter, you hurry up and tell me.” Rosie felt distressed and helped Jolie wipe the tears.

Jolie stretched out her hand to hug Rosie, and sobbed sadly, “Rosie, Dexter said…said he wants to break up with me…”


Rosie didn’t believe it. Although she didn’t have much contact with Dexter, every time his eyes were on Sister Jolie’s body, it was only Jolie in his eyes, and she always felt that Dexter could do it for her only.

How could Dexter break up with sister Jolie, it was too sudden.

“Sister Jolie, don’t cry for now. He said that we will break up when we break up. We don’t care about him. We will talk about someone better than him next time!” Rosie patted Jolie on the back for comfort.

Jolie shook her head. She knew the person she met when she was young, and even if she would meet someone better than him afterwards, it was not him after all.

The young Jolie and Dexter are over today.

Jolie suddenly burst into tears.

Her mental state has is bad, and her face is sullen and pale.

She went to school normally, but Dexter never came again, and they never contacted again.

After school this day, a long-length business car suddenly stopped at the school gate, a bullet-proof luxury car, eye-catching, royal with a license plate, a symbol of absolute power, Prince Rosen is here!

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