The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2644 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2644 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2644

“Wow, what kind of luxury car is that? Why haven’t I seen it?”

“Oh my God, that license plate is really dangling, I seem to have seen it… on TV.”

“I remembered that it is the royal license plate, and that car was also made by the royal family!”

The classmates all gathered around and started to twitter.

Jolie stopped because she recognized that it was Prince Rosen’s car.

Prince Rosen is here!

Jolie and Prince Rosen were childhood sweethearts. Rosen was born noble and an elegant gentleman in his heart, and he was wise and promising, and he was very popular among the people. Because Wonderland had a marriage contract with the royal family, Jolie was also called the number one Princess in the future.

However, she is everyone’s favorite. Her marriage is completely free to choose. Even if she wants to marry Prince Rosen, the premise must be that she likes him.

At this time, the rear door of the bulletproof luxury car was opened, and Prince Rosen got out of the car.

She wore a clean white shirt and black trousers. He was gentle and handsome. He and Dexter were two different people. If Dexter was a dark horse knight, then Prince Rosen would be the real Prince Charming.

“Wow, who is this, so handsome, it looks like a long-legged hero from an idol drama.”

“He looks so familiar, I seem to have seen him on TV.”

“I remember, he… he he he… seems to be… Prince Rosen!”

Someone had already recognized him, and the crowd had already become a sensation.

Prince Rosen opened his legs, walked through the crowd, and came to Jolie. He lifted his lips and smiled softly and beautifully. “Jolie, long time no see.”

After seeing an old friend for a long time, Jolie is naturally happy too, “Rosen, long time no see.”

“Jolie, let’s go home.”

“Go back to home?”

“En,” Prince Rosen nodded, “Your journey is over, and uncle and aunt are also on the way here, my little princess Jolie, you should go home.”

Prince Rosen arrived today and directly announced the end of her journey.

Holden and Elena were also on their way here, she was leaving here and going home.

Jolie knew that she didn’t belong here and would leave one day, but when that day came, she was suddenly very reluctant and didn’t want to leave.

She seems to have lost something here.

“Jolie, what’s the matter with you, your face looks terrible.” Rosen asked concerned.

Jolie shook her head, “I’m fine.”

“Then let’s go back first, and we’ll talk about it later.”


When the two walked to the luxury car, the driver respectfully opened the rear door and said to Jolie, “Princess Jolie, please.”

He gently hugg3d her shoulders, “Jolie, get in the car first.”

She could only get in the car first, and the luxury car quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The scene has exploded.

“What, Jolie is the princess?”

“Jolie? Jolie! I know, I will say why the first time I heard Jolie’s name is so familiar, she is the little princess of Wonderland, Prince Rosen is her prospective fiance, and she is the number one in the future!”

Cora opened her mouth wide in surprise. Like everyone on the scene, she couldn’t believe that her classmate was actually the little princess Jolie, who is so beloved in the legend!

My God, the princess turned out to be her deskmate!

Cora was so excited, she wanted to share this news with…Dexter!

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