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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2645 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2645

A few days ago, Dexter dared to break up with Jolie, she wanted to let him know that he was unworthy!

Cora wanted to give out this bad breath for Jolie too much.

Prince Rosen took Jolie to a beautiful villa. There was already a seven-star chef in the villa ready for dinner, “Jolie, let’s eat first. I think you have lost weight recently.”

Jolie looked at the exquisite food but had no appetite, “Rosen, you can eat it, I don’t want to eat it.”

“Jolie, did the dishes made today do not suit your appetite? We also prepared a bowl of light noodles.” The chef brought out a bowl of noodles.


Looking at this bowl of noodles, Jolie remembered the bowl of noodles that Dexter personally cooked for her in the kitchen that morning.

In just a few days, it’s already a matter of fact.

Her white eyes turned red again.

“Jolie, what’s wrong with you, does this bowl of noodles remind you of anything?” Prince Rosen asked.

Jolie looked up at Prince Rosen and nodded, “This bowl of noodles reminds me of a person, a…juvenile.”

Prince Rosen didn’t change his expression, he just curled his lips softly, “Jolie, you just want to talk to me so eagerly… Is he?”

“Rosen, we need to talk.”

“What are you talking about, tell me… your story with him?”

Jolie twisted her eyebrows. At this time, her mobile phone rang, and there was a call from Rosie.

She keyed in, “Hey, Rosie.”

“Sister Jolie, I’m in the hospital now. Guess who I saw in the hospital, brother-in-law! Edward’s incident happened because of me. I must take this opportunity to explain clearly to my brother-in-law.” Rosie was excited.

Rosie met Dexter?

“Wow, we are over, don’t say anything.”

“I know, sister Jolie, goodbye.” Rosie couldn’t help but hung up the phone.

“…” Jolie didn’t know what Rosie wanted to say to Dexter, he said that day in such a desperate way, her pride and self-esteem would never allow her to find him to keep him.

She immediately got up, “Rosen, I have something to go to the hospital.”

“Jolie, I’ll see you off.”

She rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible. From a distance, she saw the clear and handsome figure in the corridor, and Dexter was there.

This familiar figure quickly stung Jolie’s heart, and she slowly stopped.

Dexter was next to Rosie, who tried her best to explain, “Brother-in-law, you really have to believe me. What I said is true. I found Edward. Sister Jolie has nothing to do with him.”

Dexter’s handsome face was hidden in the dim light, and he couldn’t really understand it. His temperament was so weak that others couldn’t see what he was thinking. “I’ve said everything that I should say, so I don’t have to be entangled anymore.”

Dexter wanted to turn around and walk away.

“Brother-in-law, you made sister Jolie cry!” Rosie called out.

Dexter paused.

“Brother-in-law, you broke up with Sister Jolie. She kept herself in the room without eating or drinking and crying for a long time. She was really sad. I have never seen her like this since I was a child. All sad and crying!”

His fingers on his side moved, and slowly tugged into a fist, but after a few seconds he slowly released it, he turned around and left.

But the next second, Dexter’s footsteps froze.

He saw Jolie in front of him.

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