The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2646 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2646 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2646

Dexter looked at Jolie, and she also looked at Dexter, eyes facing each other for a while.

“Brother-in-law, you shouldn’t break up with Sister Jolie, OK, she really likes you.” Rosie was still explaining and begging.

Dexter hasn’t seen Jolie for several days. She has lost weight. Today, she is wearing the school uniform with her pure black hair tied into a ponytail.

Her face is a little pale, and her eyes are red with a moist look.

Dexter’s heart moved.

At this time, a figure appeared beside Jolie, and it was Prince Rosen.

Prince Rosen raised his hand and put a coat on Jolie’s shoulders, “Jolie, the weather is cold at night, don’t catch a cold.”

She looked at Prince Rosen and curled her red lips to express her gratitude.

Prince Rosen stood tall and domineering beside Jolie and raised his head, his eyes fell on Dexter’s body.

Dexter also looked at Prince Rosen. This was the first time the two officially met.

Two top male gods, one black and white, one with a thin and indifferent temperament, the other with a gentle and graceful temperament, standing at both ends of the corridor and simply looking at each other, they wiped out the sparks filled with gunpowder smoke.

“Brother-in-law…” Rosie’s voice stopped abruptly, because she saw Jolie who had rushed over, and also saw Prince Rosen.

Hmm… now this situation seems a bit awkward and a bit complicated.

Rosie herself doesn’t stand in line, but whoever sister Jolie likes, her heart is biased towards them, she knows that sister Jolie likes Dexter, and she likes him so much.

“Brother-in-law,” Rosie reminded in a low voice, “Look, your number one love rival is here. This is Prince Rosen. Brother-in-law, please have a snack. If you make Sister Jolie sad again, she will be caught by someone else!”

Dexter had no expression, he pulled out his long legs and walked towards Jolie and Prince Rosen.

Rosie breathed tightly, what did brother-in-law want to do, for sister Jolie to fight with Prince Rosen?

Long live brother-in-law!

Jolie watched Dexter walk over step by step, eyelids trembled like the trembling wings of a butterfly, revealing the panic in her heart.

Since he broke up with her that day, he has never appeared again, and she also imagined that he would appear in front of her again, apologize to her, and tell her that all the hurtful things he said that day were false and deceptive.

However, he disappeared for several days and ignored her.

Now that he came over again, what would he say to her?

Jolie was thinking that even if he apologized to her, she would not easily forgive him.

Dexter was approaching step by step, getting closer and closer, and Jolie’s heartbeat also accelerated.

Boom boom boom, out of control.

Finally, Dexter came over.

But the next second, he passed by.

Jolie’s heart sank to the bottom in an instant, and the uncontrolled heartbeat just disappeared at this moment. It turned out… he didn’t walk towards her, he just passed by and left.

He had nothing to say to her, he had already told her just now, he had already said what should be said, and they broke up.

Jolie thought he was ridiculous. He didn’t do anything, but she made up a lot of pictures in her brain, which was simply affectionate.

“Jolie, let’s go home.”

Prince Rosen went to hold Jolie’s little hand, but soon he gave his fingers a stop because water drops fell on his hand.

Jolie cried.

She lowered her small head, her white eye sockets were all red, and her tears kept falling down, even the beautiful eyelids was stained with tears, and she wept bitterly.

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