The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2648 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2648 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2648

Had a meal, and then quickly understood something.

It is said that Prince Rosen is the most outstanding prince in history. His thoughts are so deep that no one can figure it out. This sentence is true.

“Prince, you are amazing.” His eyes lit up.

Prince Rosen glanced at the delighted eyes of his men, “Do you think I got something? Yes, I got it, but when I got it, I also lost it.”

“Prince, what have you lost, I will help you get it back.”

The subordinate said.

What did he lose?

Prince Rosen remembered the scene he saw in the hospital just now. Jolie cried like a child for Liam.

He lost…Jolie!

But Prince Rosen smiled, “I don’t need you to help me, I will find what I lost myself.”

Jolie followed Rosie back home, and she shut herself in the room again, without eating, drinking or sleeping, just crying.

She knew that she was broken in love. Although she had never directly agreed to associate with Dexter, she had already agreed in her heart. Now that Dexter said he had broken up, he just dumped her.

It turned out that the feeling of being broken in love was so uncomfortable that Jolie, like all the girls, couldn’t get out for a while.

Not knowing how long she had been crying, Jolie took out her cell phone and found out Dexter’s phone number.

She bit her red lips until she bit out a blood stain, and then she made the phone call.

Why did he say that he broke up and broke up?

Why did he tell her not to call him? Did she stop calling?

She don’t want to be obedient!

She shouldn’t be so obedient!

She is going to call him, she is going to harass him!

The melodious cell phone ringing soon rang, but no one answered.

Jolie hit the second and third…

If he doesn’t answer, she will keep fighting.

I don’t know how long it has passed, or if this is the Nth call. The call on that end was picked up suddenly, and Dexter’s low-alcohol magnetic voice passed over, “Hello.”

He answered the phone!

Jolie’s eyes lit up quickly, and he finally answered the phone, she thought he would never pay attention to her!

But when his familiar voice reached her ears, Jolie’s red and swollen eye sockets immediately covered with a layer of moist water mist, and those tears crackled down again.

She cried again.

At this moment, Dexter was holding the phone and standing by the window. He heard the girl’s voice, sobbing softly, it was sad to cry.

She is crying.

Dexter’s heart rippled round after round, and her cry made him feel painful and crisp, and almost turned his heart into tears.

But he was cruel, his voice said indifferently, “If it’s okay, I’ll hang up.”

He just wants to hang up the phone.

“Dexter!” Jolie called his name anxiously, “Dexter, I hate you, you are a super villain!”

She was scolding him.

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