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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2649 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2649

The girl’s soft voice seemed to be cursing, and she wouldn’t curse at all, but the few words that said he was a bada5s.

Dexter curled his lips, his eyes filled with softness, he knew he had to hang up, because…he could not resist her temptation anymore.

He had already used all his strength to push her away.

Dexter hung up the phone directly.

Soon, the busy tone of “toot” reached Jolie, and she became stiff and couldn’t believe that he actually hung up her phone like this.

This ba5tard!

Dexter hung up the phone, and then a man in black appeared and respectfully said, “Young Master, this is the newspaper of the past few days. Prince Rosen and Princess Jolie were photographed.”

“This is a good story for the Prince and Princess The attention received has greatly enhanced Prince Rosen’s prestige among the people, and the tripartite alliance has become stronger.”

Dexter took the newspaper and took a look. The photo shows Prince Rosen and Jolie, walking together, very well-matched and beautiful.

“Young Master, I think this is also a good time for us to start, as long as we expose some peachy photos of Princess Jolie at this time, then…”

In Dexter’s phone, there is a photo of Jolie. The photo of her on it is lying in his arms with h3r shoulders half exposed.

If it is exposed, it will definitely be a peach-colored photo, which can cause an uproar.

However, he saw the photos countless times, but he didn’t intend to expose them.

Only he can see pictures like her.

“Enough!” Dexter interrupted the men in black, “I’ve already said that, give up Jolie’s line, don’t call Jolie’s idea anymore, do you understand?”

Dexter looked over with a bitter gaze, and the man in black shivered directly, and said quickly, “Yes, Young Master.”

“By the way, Young Master, when will we leave?” the subordinate asked.

Dexter pursed his thin lips. The last time he left was disturbed by Jolie, it was time for him to leave.

At this time, the knock on the door suddenly sounded, and someone knocked on the door outside.


It’s so late, who is knocking at the door?

Dexter glanced at the man in black alertly, the man in black nodded and quickly disappeared, Dexter went to open the door.

A slender and pretty figure stood outside the door, it was…Jolie!

Dexter didn’t expect that it would be her, and she came over by herself at so late.

“Why are you here? Did someone come so late?” Dexter’s face became heavy, and her voice was even more unpleasant.

She was really getting bolder and bolder. I don’t know how dangerous it is for her to come out alone this night. Doesn’t she know how beautiful and ostentatious she is?

From Jolie’s perspective, his worries were all angry and impatient. She came to him and made him feel very annoyed.

“Dexter, you’re a ba5tard!” Jolie squeezed her fist and slammed him hard, because she was unwilling to relieve her anger, and she kicked him in both feet.

He didn’t move, he had said it earlier, and when she hit him, she was tickling him.

“Dexter, what’s so great about you, why are you doing this to me? Whoever lets you bully me, even if you break up, I will mention it. I should have dumped you!”

Jolie’s eyes were red and swollen, and her nose and wings were red. She was scattered with pure black hair, and a few strands were still messy wrapped around her face. She scolded him, punched and kicked him, looking like a sloppy little shrew.

It is probably the first time for Jolie to be such a gaffe.

Dexter didn’t feel the pain, he was afraid that she would hurt hersekf, so he reached out and grabbed her slender wrist, and reprimanded in a deep voice, “Is there enough trouble?”

Jolie looked up at him with a small face, her eyes were full of water, but she glared at him unwillingly. The poor little beast turned people’s hearts into perspective.

“Dexter, you hurt me.” She choked.

Dexter, “…”

He let go of his hand.

In the next second, Jolie’s soft and boneless body rushed forward. She raised her two small hands and hugg3d his neck firmly, and hugg3d him tightly.

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