The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2650 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2650 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2650

Dexter suddenly froze.

Does she know what she is doing?

Dexter stretched out his hand, trying to push her away.

“Don’t touch me!” Jolie hugg3d his neck tightly without letting go, with an unpleasant coquettish sobbing voice, “Dexter, you hurt me!”

Dexter, who was being held, “…”

Okay, his hands slowly dropped to his side.

Jolie hugg3d him on his toes, tears falling on his shirt and neck, “Dexter, why on earth…why did you break up with me? All the unfeeling words you told me If I don’t believe it, it’s not true, you…give me a real reason right now…”

“I know, are you still mad at me and Edward, I have explained it, I…have nothing to do with him…”

Dexter’s heart was in a soft mess. The girl came late at night, hugg3d him tightly, and sobbed on his shoulders, whispering softly, whispering to him.

Unexpectedly, she also has such a hot side, facing the people she likes, so brave.

Dexter slowly raised his hands, trying to hug her, holding her firmly, but… he couldn’t.

Abandon her, it is for her good.

He and she are destined to have no end.

“Jolie, don’t do this, it’s too late, I’ll send you back.”

Jolie raised her slapped face and looked at him dimly with tears. Then she made a bold move. She hooked her neck and k!ssed him directly.

Her red lips were covered, soft, the strawberry lollipops and strawberry ice cream he had eaten in those days seemed to come back all at once, and Dexter’s deep pupils shrank severely.

Jolie is inexperienced and quite young. The last time he k!ssed her forcibly, she posted it like this, so she pressed it hard and left, “Dexter, let’s not break up, okay?”

She said… Dexter, let’s not break up, okay?

Dexter’s psychological defense line broke down instantly, so how could he refuse it anymore? He couldn’t refuse it anymore.

“Did I not tell you before, Dexter, I…like you, I like you very much.”

“I have never liked someone like you. The first time I saw you, I would never forget you. I want to find a chance to approach you and get to know you better.”

“I will be jealous when I see you with other girls. Sad, I feel my heart is broken if you don’t want me.”

“Dexter, let’s not break up, I want to be with you, I want to…be your girlfriend.”

What she said hit his heart fiercely, and Dexter knew that she was confessing to him, this was a confession of love.

She likes him, likes him as much as he likes her.

At this moment, Dexter had forgotten everything, his identity and mission, and the gap between the two people. He had only one idea in his mind… he wanted her!

Dexter stretched out his hand to hold her narrow’s soft waist, and violently pulled her into his arms.

He bowed his head and k!ssed hard.

Jolie let out a “huh”, her legs softened, and she slid directly onto the ground, but Dexter clasped her, entangled her l!ps and opened her teeth, and went in all the way to attack the city and sink the ground.

She was the first girl he k!ssed, and he had no experience, but he did it well, because at this moment he had copied it many times, in his dreams.

In his dream, he was like this, k!ssing her fiercely.

Jolie felt bad breathing, because he had robbed her of her breath, why did he… k!ss her like this?

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