The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2651 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2651 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2651

She thought that the k!ss was just touching her l!ps together, but she didn’t expect him to…

This is really unhygienic.

Jolie is obsessed with cleanliness, but she can’t dislike it. She raised her little hand to push him, only to find that she was no longer strong, and her body had turned into a pool of water.

Dexter found out that she hadn’t closed her eyes stupidly, and didn’t know that she was breathing again.

She is probably the first person who can be suffocated by k!ssing.

“Jolie, take a breath.” He taught her in a dumb voice.

As soon as he g0t off, Jolie immediately took a big mouthful of breath, her small face burned, her misty eyes dodge in panic, her delicate appearance really resembled a rose that could not bear the rain.

“Dexter, what are you… doing?”

“What do you say I am doing, eh?”

“You… Then do you want to break up?”

“No, we won’t break up.”


Dexter stretched out his hand, dragged Jolie in, and then closed the door.

He blocked her in between the door panel and his ch3st, strong b0dy pressed down, and slowly approached her, “Jolie, will you not want me in the future?”

“Of course not, you don’t want me now.” Jolie raised her eyebrows, still very sad.

Dexter looked into her eyes and looked deeply into her eyes, “Jolie, I will let you go. You shouldn’t come back. Once you come back like this, I’m afraid I won’t be able to let go of your hand anymore.”

Jolie still couldn’t understand the deep meaning in his eyes, she felt that his eyes were like two small abysses, and it was about to suck her down, “Dexter, I won’t want you!”

She solemnly said.

Dexter constricted his handsome eyes, then held up her small face, “Jolie, you must not lie to me, I like you, I have liked you for a long, long time.”

Jolie’s heart is sweet, the girl in love is like this, a word from her sweetheart can drive her into hell in one second, and can also send her into heaven in the other second.


“Shhh, don’t talk.”

Dexter k!ssed her.

At this time, an extended luxury business car was parked quietly at the alley. You can’t see the inside from the outside, but Rosen inside has been watching the outside. He has already done everything that happened between Dexter and Jolie. The panoramic view, including Jolie’s initiative to embrace and k!ss Dexter, was pulled in by Dexter again.

“Prince, the picture has been taken. This picture is very clear. Liam and Princess Jolie are k!ssing…” The voice of his subordinates slowly became quieter because of Prince Rosen. His eyes floated over.

Prince Rosen was still wearing a warm and elegant white shirt, but his face was deep and gloomy. He glanced at the photo lightly, his eyes dim and unclear.

In the photo, Dexter and Jolie are inseparable from each other.

The subordinates felt the depressive atmosphere and sweated. He knew that his prince wanted to use Princess Jolie to deal with Liam, the young master of the scorpion nation. Although this strategy was wonderful, his prince watched himself being worn. A green hat.

Can’t bear the child but can’t hold the wolf, but that is also his beloved girl. In the future, when two people get married, Jolie will be his first princess, but thinking of all things today, Jolie once liked another boy deeply. They confessed and embraced Yes, k!ssed…A man will have a shadow in his heart, and he will mind.

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