The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2668 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2668 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2668

This girl was sent to serve Liam!

Jolie’s eyes suddenly became cold, “Master Liam, then I won’t bother you, you can enjoy yourself!”

After speaking, she turned around and left.

“Jolie!” Liam stretched out his hand and hugged her from behind. He hadn’t seen her for two days. He tightened his arms and hugged her in his arms. He buried his head between her neck. Are you jealous?”

He asked her in a low voice, his warm breath was in her ears.

Jolie couldn’t stand his touch now, she reminded herself repeatedly that all of this was fake, and that she was fed up with his hypocrisy, and she would not be fooled anymore.

“Liam, take away your dirty hands and don’t touch me!”

Who knows if he has ever touched that girl, the Kingdom of Scorpion is really not a good thing, he can’t wait to arrange a bed warmer for himself, she thinks he is dirty.

Jolie knew that she shouldn’t be angry, but she couldn’t control herself. This girl appeared like a flame, instantly igniting her anger.

“Jolie, I am not dirty, I have never touched that girl, except for you, I have not touched anyone else!”

“Enough!” Jolie pushed him away hard, her eyes were red and staring at him, “Liam, have you ever touched others has nothing to do with me, you don’t need to explain to me, we are already over!”

She said—We are over.

Liam’s narrow eyes were stained with a stubborn scarlet, “Jolie, I will say it again, after you say it, I don’t count it, I say it.”

This person is really strong and domineering, who does he think he is?

She walked away.

But Liam rushed over, holding her small face with two big hands, bowed his head and k!ssed her red l!ps.

Jolie didn’t expect that he would suddenly force a k!ss. There were others here, and his subordinates and the delicate girl were all there.

The color under her hand changed, and other girl took a breath of cold air…

Jolie’s small face was red and white, and she was very ashamed. What did he take her for, how dare he humiliate her like this.

Jolie twisted her little head, just not to let him k!ss, her nails also pulled out two blood stains between his neck.

“Liam, you ba5tard, let me go!” she scolded angrily.

Liam was also blushing. The more she refused to k!ss, the more he wanted to k!ss, she belonged to him and no one could take her away.

At this time, Jolie took the opportunity to raise her leg, bend his knees, and quickly pressed against his cr0tch.


Liam snorted in pain, and was firmly pushed, his handsome face pale.

“Let go of me! Liam, I warn you, if you dare to touch me next time, I will dispose of you!” She warned fiercely, and then walked away.

Liam’s face turned completely black. He was anxious and didn’t have any defenses. That’s why she pushed him away.

She didn’t show any mercy at all, and he was so painful, Liam suspected that she really wanted to abolish him.

At this time, the subordinates stepped forward, “Young Master, this Princess Jolie is too bold. Not only did she dared to break into our territory and order you to do things for her, she also dared to do something to you, should we teach her a lesson?”

Liam quickly swept over with a cold, cold look, “Do you dare to move her to give it a try?”

The man, “…Don’t dare.”

“She ordered me to do something and do something to me. If anything to do with you, I will do it if I am happy.” After a cold word, Liam returned to the room.

His subordinates, “…” Well, he saw that his Young Master was really fascinated by the Princess, which was very dangerous.


In the room, Liam stood by the washstand and looked at himself in the mirror. There were two blood stains on his neck, which she had just scratched.

The little milk cat that used to stay obediently in his arms finally turned into a little wild cat, and he couldn’t k!ss her.

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