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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2670 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2670

Liam is leaving, just tonight.

In the airport, the subordinates received a call from the master above, and they reported in a low voice, “Master, I think the Young Master has been fascinated by Princess Jolie.”

“He is decisive and our best leader. In front of Princess Jolie, the Young Master was beaten and scolded him, he also obeyed Princess Jolie’s words. I think the Young Master has become Princess Jolie’s minister under the sk!rt!”

The master’s old and displeased voice was passed over, “Is there anything else?”

“Yes, just what I saw, Princess Jolie slapped the Young Master several times, and even touched the deadly part of the Young Master.”

“Unreasonable! The little yellow-haired girl Jolie dared to ride on Liam’s head. She dared to insult us like this!” The master threw a teacup smoothly and squashed.

The subordinates are a little scared.

“Listen, I must bring Liam back today. I have been upset recently, and I always feel that something is going to happen, and I must not let him be destroyed in Jolie’s hands.”

“Yes, master!”

After hanging up the phone, his subordinates walked to Liam’s side, “Young Master, time is almost up, the special plane is ready, let’s go.”

Liam looked at the phone, it was empty, and Jolie had not replied.

Is she not coming tonight?

Could it be that this is the end of him and her?

Liam got up.

“Young Master, please here.”

Liam pulled out his long legs and walked forward, but his steps slowed down as he walked. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Jolie’s number.

The melodious cell phone rang once and was picked up, and Jolie answered the phone.

Liam’s heart moved and he was about to speak, but it was not Jolie, but Rosie.

“Hey, Liam, do you still have the face to call sister Jolie?”

Liam naturally doesn’t care about this little girl, “Where’s Jolie?”

“You ask me, am I going to tell you?”

“Oh, Jolie said she was going to date me, but she hasn’t arrived yet, I’m worried about her.”

“What?” The innocent Rosie immediately jumped up, “Sister Jolie is dating you? How could it be possible, today is her birthday, Prince Rosen brought sister Jolie to the hotel to celebrate her birthday!”

Liam was silent for two seconds, and hung up.

Rosie at that end, “…”

Listening to the busy tone of “toot”, she was dumbfounded, because she suddenly realized that she was fooled!

“Young Master, the time is up, let’s leave as soon as possible,” the subordinate persuaded.

Liam didn’t move. He didn’t know that today was Jolie’s birthday, and Rosen was celebrating her birthday.

He tried to leave and tried to leave several times, but he couldn’t.

He couldn’t let go of Jolie’s hand at all.

He turned around and left.

“Hey, Young Master, where are you going?”


Liam rushed to the hotel. Today, for Jolie’s birthday, Prince Rosen held a birthday party for her.

Soon, he came to the door of the luxurious box.

Jolie’s birthday was held here, and the box was filled with a beautiful romantic princess style, with balloons, ribbons and white yarn everywhere.

At this moment, Jolie was lost in the crowd, and the bright lights were plated on her body, making her feel dizzy.

She is one year older again. Today she is wearing a white princess dress with her pure black hair scattered and a princess crown. She is born to be extremely beautiful, the beauty that came out of the painting, exquisite eyebrows, little pointed nose, bright red mouth, and her skin so beautiful and smooth.

“Princess Jolie, I wish you a happy birthday, this is our birthday gift.” Many people gave gifts to her.

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