The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2673 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2673 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2673

Jolie felt very painful, her small face was deformed in his palm, “Liam, you hurt me!”

Hearing her yelling pain, Liam slowly let go of her small face, and he couldn’t bear to be rough at her.

Jolie got up and was about to leave.

But Liam confined her to the wall and threatened, “If you dare to leave, I will make you more painful. Don’t blame me when you cry.”

Jolie, “…” Neuropathy!

At this time, Liam lowered his head and gently k!ssed her red lips.

Jolie had nowhere to hide, she said coldly, “Liam, didn’t you say that you were leaving tonight, why are you here again?”

Liam immediately snorted, “Are you wishing that I would leave now and then put me a green hat?”

“Master Liam, I am afraid that you have a misunderstanding about the green hat. You are my boyfriend or my fiance. It is not your turn to wear this green hat!”


“Liam, don’t entangle me anymore. Is this fun? We won’t have any results.”

Liam constricted his handsome eyes, and then said, “Jolie, come with me.”


Jolie quivered.

“Jolie, come with me, I want to take you away with me.”

“What then? What happenes after I leave with you? Watching you hurt my relatives?”

Facing her question, Liam slowly tightened his fist, and he looked at her with scarlet eyes, “Jolie, follow me, and I will give up revenge.”

Jolie’s pupils shrank suddenly, hardly believing what he was saying at the moment, he knew what he was saying, he wanted to give up his revenge?

“Liam, are you serious? Don’t forget that you are a Scorpion, and you have the blood of Scorpion flowing in your body. The great responsibility and mission of revenge are on your shoulders, you…”

“Enough! Don’t say it!” Liam interrupted her, and he drew a shallow arc of his thin lips, “Princess Jolie, you should be happy, you won, for you, I don’t need anything, I only want you!”

He said—He didn’t want anything, he only wanted her!

Jolie’s eyelids trembled in a panic, she did not dare to look at his eyes again, because his eyes were so hot and hot at the moment that it almost melted her.

“Liam, are you lying to me again? You don’t like me at all…”

“Jolie, I like you or not, do you really don’t know or pretend you don’t?” Liam put her little hand on his heart, “Do you feel it, here is beating for you.” “

Boom boom boom.

Jolie felt his strong heartbeat, and her palms were almost numb.

As if being electrocuted, she quickly withdrew her little hand.

Liam stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms, “Jolie, I can give up revenge for you, but you have to give up your princess status and follow me. In fact, speaking of blood, your eldest brother’s current position should belong to Mine, so I want them to pay back to me.”

Jolie felt that everything was like a dream. She was tightly held in his arms and his head was buried in her neck and hair. She felt his disordered breathing. For her, he gave up. Everything, he also felt guilty in his heart.

Jolie wanted to raise her little hand to hug him, but her hand dropped again.

Can she still trust him?

Does he really…like her?

Do he and she have a future?

All this is so unreal.


Liam took Jolie back, and at night a person came, an old figure.

Jolie stayed in the room. She heard the old man outside raising his hand and slapped Liam viciously.

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