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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2674 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2674

This person is the elder of the Scorpion Kingdom, he is the one who brought up Liam, equivalent to the adoptive father.

The elder learned that Liam was not on the plane today, so he flew over overnight. He slapped Liam in anger and disappointment.

He was beaten to the wrong face.

“Liam, let me ask you, why did you temporarily change your mind today, last time, and this time too. Is it all because of Princess Wonderland Jolie?”

“I heard that she is in your room now, what did you bring her back for?”

Liam turned his face, he didn’t have any expression, just said quietly, “I want to take her with me.”

“Take her with you?” The elder laughed a few times, as if he had heard some big joke, “One is Liam, the Young Master of the Scorpion nation, and the other is Princess of Wonderland. Where are you going to take her? The world is so big, how can there be a place for the two of you?”

In the room, Jolie’s heart tightened. Yeah, how could she and Liam have a place to live?

She didn’t know why he wanted to take her away suddenly, his decision was crazy.

Reckless madness.

Liam was silent for half a second, and then said, “Even if there is no way for us to go in this world, I will dig a way. Wherever I am, I can give her shelter from wind and rain.”

He actually said so.

Jolie’s heart immediately softened, and her white eyes began to turn red. He said that he liked her, and she believed him a little bit now.

“You! You, you, you!” The elder was very angry, “Liam, you are my son. Self-control and rationality have always been something in you I am most proud of. How come you have become so confused when you meet Jolie Now, do you know how difficult a path you have chosen, you are simply apostate!”

The elder is very distressed. The child he brought up with his own hands is mad for beauties, not the world, he has changed, he has really changed!

Liam’s handsome face was hidden in the flickering light, and he couldn’t really say it. He didn’t speak anymore.

“Liam, I’ll give you another chance. You can still look back. Now Wonderland Princess is in your room. This is a good opportunity for our National pride!” The elder wanted to enter the room.

But Liam blocked the door, he blocked the way with a handsome body, his thin lips lifted, and he said three words, “Don’t move her!”

The elder snorted coldly, “Why, is it possible that you still want to take the initiative for that Jolie, Liam, I am your adoptive father, who brought you up with one hand!”

Liam looked at the elder, and said, “Don’t force me!”

He said—Don’t force me!

The elders already understood what he meant. What he meant was that if he moved Jolie, he was forcing him, and if he was pressed into a hurry, he could do anything, including attacking him.

The elder was really disappointed. The child he raised with one hand was really fascinated, “Liam, you have abandoned your family for a woman, and you have forgotten the responsibility and mission on your shoulders. You are not ashamed at all. I don’t believe you can live a good life in the future.”

“You are depraved. We don’t need such a Young Master in the Scorpion Kingdom. From now on, I will sever the father-son relationship with you, and you will no longer be the Scorpion Country Young Master!”

The subordinate on one side was shocked when he heard this, “Master, you think about it again! Young Master, you should be soft first. The master is all for your own good. You can say a soft word first, and then we will discuss it later when we go back.”

Liam pursed his thin lips, but did not speak.

“Liam, I know that you are determined to be with Princess Jolie. At the beginning, we designed everything to allow you to take advantage of her. I didn’t expect that it would be you who would sink deep in the end. The basket is empty.”

“But you have to remember that Jolie is not as simple as her Jolie, she is still Princess Wonderland, and now you abandon everything for her, then you have to see if she will betray you, she is worthy of your delivery, In short, you chose this path yourself, so don’t cry!”

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