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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2677 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2677

Liam took her little hand, “Jolie, you must be hungry, come, I’ll take you out for dinner.”

“Can we go out, I’m afraid of being discovered.” Jolie had concerns.

Liam curled his lips, “Don’t worry, everything is done. We can leave tonight.”

Jolie was relieved, she knew he had a way to take her away, even if there was a net outside, he could take her to fly far away.


Liam took Jolie to a restaurant, “Jolie, sit here and I’ll order food.”


He went to the front desk, Jolie sat, wearing a peaked cap on her head and changing her clothes, just for fear of being recognized.

At this moment someone suddenly said, “Look, the Lu family is here!”

Lu’s husband and wife?

Hearing these four words, Jolie’s heart jumped heavily. Who else is known as “Lu’s husband and wife” in this world besides her father and mother?

Jolie immediately looked up, and through the glass window, she saw a Rolls-Royce luxury business car speeding on the street, followed by two black luxury cars, “brushing” the shuttle, bringing a strong wind.

The aura of that kind of business tycoon rushed to her face, and the feel was quite strong.

Her dad and mummy are really here!

Holden and Elena are here!

“Why are the Lu family members here? I haven’t seen Holden and the genius doctor, the world’s richest man, for a long time. It’s summer.”

“Have you heard that Princess Jolie, the pearl in the hands of the Lu family, has disappeared.”

“What? Where did Princess Wonderland go?”

“I don’t know, I heard some rumors that Princess Wonderland eloped with a poor boy.”

“How is it possible that Princess Jolie is not stupid, how could she be abducted by a poor boy, besides, she loves her parents and her brothers, they are all her dearest loved ones!”

Jolie could no longer hear what these people were talking about. She quickly got up and ran out.

She hadn’t seen her mom and dad for a long, long time. Now that mom and dad came, she couldn’t help but miss the car in front of her. She went after the Rolls Royce in front of her.



But soon, Jolie’s footsteps stopped. She couldn’t chase forward anymore. She left, what should Dexter do?

She has promised to go with him.

She stood in place, her white eyes flushed with redness, and a layer of crystal clear and wet mist-filled it. She raised her small hand to cover her small face, and wept bitterly.


I’m really sorry. After so many years of nurturing, she finally disappointed her parents and brothers.

When Liam walked out, he saw Jolie trembling with his shoulders hiding his face and crying, his sad appearance was like a child who had lost his way and lost his home.

He stepped forward and put his arm around Jolie’s shoulder.

Jolie glanced at him dimly, then buried him in his arms, “Dexter, I…I am going like this, my daddy… Mommy… .. Brothers… will be sad… I don’t even dare to… say goodbye to them…”

Liam knows, he knows all, he and she have chosen an extremely difficult path, he stretched out his hand to hug her, and comforted her softly, “Jolie, this is only temporary.”

“I promise you that everything will be stable after some time. Now, I will take you back to see your daddy, mommy, and brothers. You will always be their daughter and sister.”

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