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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2678 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2678

Jolie lay down in Liam’s arms and choked, “Then you must not lie to me, and later… bring me back.”

Liam touched her smooth hair like a waterfall, and she felt a mess. She gave up everything to follow him. He nodded solemnly, “Jolie, I won’t lie to you, I will treat you well in the future.”

Jolie hugged Liam tightly.


The two of them ate and returned to the residence. She asked, “What time do we leave at night?”

“Eight o’clock.”

Eight o’clock?

There are still several hours left, what are we going to do now?

Liam lay on the bed. He patted the position beside him, “Jolie, come here, I didn’t sleep well last night, let’s take a nap.”


Jolie looked at the sunny sky outside, and slept in the room at noon. Is that good?

At this time, Liam stretched out his hand and pulled her, her slender body slammed forward and fell into his arms at once.

He hugged her and turned over and hugged her inside.

Jolie squeezed her small fist and hammered him hard, “Dexter, why are you so bad?”

“Don’t move.” He squeezed her small fist, and then put something on the ring finger of her right hand.

Jolie saw that it was a ring.

But it was not a diamond ring, but a ring he pierced with a dog’s tail, which was now placed on her ring finger.

What does he mean?

“What are you doing?” Jolie’s heartbeat speeded up immediately. Although it was a ring pierced by a dog’s tail, it was also a ring. How would she wear a ring to her? Didn’t he know that the ring was not just a joke?

Liam looked at her condescendingly, his handsome eyebrows filled with tenderness and affection, “Jolie, I was too hasty today. Let me use this instead. I will buy you a big diamond ring when we leave this place.”

“Who wants your diamond ring, you take this off, and I will be angry if you joke again.”

“Jolie, I’m not kidding, now that the ring is on your finger, you are my…wife.”

He said — With the ring on, she is his wife.

Jolie’s beautiful little face was red like a cooked prawn. She was unprepared. Why did he suddenly say this, “No, I’m still young…”

“I know you are still young, Jolie, I am waiting for you to grow up, and waiting for you to marry me when you grow up.”

He looked at her deeply, his eyes were dark and bright, hot and hot, and sucked her in like a whirlpool. For this young, fierce and vivid love, they abandoned everything like moths into the fire.

Jolie’s heartbeat almost jumped to her throat. She liked him, she liked him very much, and she didn’t have any pretense in her bones, and she left them all for him, and she would definitely marry him in the future.

“How can you be like you? There is no sense of ritual at all.” Jolie whispered her lips.

Liam raised his sword eyebrows, “The sense of ritual that should be there will be, but today I can’t wait, I want a sense of belonging, grace, the ring is in your finger, you are my person, no matter what. No matter what happens, where you and I are, you can’t betray me.”

Jolie glanced at him, “What if one day I betray you?”

“Then I…” Liam thought about it seriously, then b!t her red l!ps, “Then I will take you to destruction, let’s go to hell together.”

Why is he so scary?

She just said casually, joking, but he was going to take her to destruction and take her to hell really scared her, this man can’t provoke her.


Jolie felt that it was painful to be bitten, and she immediately reached his chest and pushed him away, “Dexter, you bit me so much.”

Liam was not willing to use any force, but just such a light bite left a tooth mark on her red lips, “Jolie, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I forgive you…well.”

Liam directly blocked her red lips.

Jolie felt that he couldn’t breathe anymore, he attacked the city all the way, taking all her sweetness domineeringly.

She put her hand on his body and felt his body temperature burning and getting hot. Now he is more emotional than ever.


Jolie hurriedly pushed him away, “Dexter, you…you hurry up and take a cold shower.”

He used to take a cold shower at this time.

Liam looked at her condescendingly, without moving, “Jolie, I don’t want to take a cold shower anymore.”

“Why, don’t you feel uncomfortable?” Jolie looked at him innocently.

Liam’s voice was all dumb, and he slowly coaxed her, “It’s uncomfortable, so Jolie, can you help me?”

“Help you? How can I help you?”

He grabbed her little hand…

Jolie took a breath of air, and she screamed in fright, “Dexter, you must not mess around, you…you don’t bully me!”

Liam squeezed her little hand, and did not give her any chance to escape, “Jolie, I will not bully you, I will only love you well.”


Jolie cried for a long time, making her fair eyes red. Liam could only hug her to coax, and he swears by scolding himself, and promised that he would never do it again. Jolie stopped crying now. But did not say to forgive him.

She was tired from crying and lay in Liam’s arms. Liam’s spirits were tense these days. Under strong pressure, he tasted some forbidden fruit with Jolie. The whole person relaxed, and he fell asleep in her arms.

The two of them slept from noon to six o’clock in the evening, when Jolie raised her eyebrows in her dream, because she heard the bewitching bells again.

The bell rang again.

She suddenly opened his eyes.

Now she was still in Liam’s arms, she got up and got out of bed lightly, and then went to the kitchen.

She poured a glass of water, and then took out a packet of powder, she poured all the powder into the water.

The colorless and odorless powder quickly melted in the water without any flaws.

At this time, Liam also opened his eyes alertly. He found that Jolie in his arms was missing, and he quickly got up, “Jolie! Jolie!”

Jolie in the kitchen replied, “I am here.”

Liam walked in, “Jolie, why are you here? I didn’t see you panicking just now.”

“What are you panicking for?”

“I don’t know.” he glanced out of the window. It was dark now. The dark curtains were so dark that he couldn’t see anything. There seemed to be a deep abyss hidden inside, which could ruin everyone. “Jolie, we pack up and get ready to leave.”

“Wait a minute.” She passed the water glass in her hand, “Dexter, have a glass of water.”

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