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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2679 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2679


Liam glanced at the water glass in her hand, and then rubbed her hair lovingly, “You feel so sorry for me, and still pour water. It seems that you must be a good wife who loves your husband in the future.”

“Who is your wife?”

“You, Jolie, you’ve served me like that just now, isn’t it my person?” Liam squeezed his little hand pointedly.

He always knew that her little hand was soft and slippery, but he didn’t know until just now that her little hand could make him so comfortable, and it made him live and die.

Jolie looked normal, but her pupils were a little dizzy, as if they were being manipulated.

Liam took the water glass and drank it in one fell swoop.

Putting down the empty cup, Liam took Jolie’s little hand, “Jolie, we are leaving.”

“Oh.” She followed him step by step, a little mechanical.

Opening the door of the residence, the two people walked out. At this moment, a group of people came out in the dark night ahead, and Prince Rosen came.

Liam paused. This hiding place is quite secret and should not be exposed unless…

Prince Rosen looked at Liam, “Master Liam, you seem to be surprised to see me. That’s right, Master Liam does everything without any leaks.”

“Even if I turn the outside upside down, it will be difficult to find you here, unless, there is an internal response, this internal response is of course my fiancee, my first princess, Princess Wonderland, Jolie!”


Liam has always had a bad premonition these days. This is a natural sharpness and premonition, but he has never doubted Jolie, not at all.

She is his woman, she will never lie to him.

“Jolie, what does Rosen mean?” Liam looked at her.

Jolie withdrew her little hand indifferently, she met Liam’s gaze blankly, “Master Liam, don’t you understand what Rosen means?”

“I don’t understand, you can explain it to me now!” Liam’s eyebrows were already covered with a layer of haze.

Jolie sneered twice, “Master Liam, since you want to listen, then I will explain it to you. All this is my plan with Rosen!”

“You said you were leaving that night, and I knew you could not leave. I was sure that you would come back to find me. I also guessed that you would take me away at the birthday party, so Rosen and I planned.”

“If I break into your internal affairs, you will break with the Scorpion Kingdom, lose your identity as a Young Master, and be alone. This is an excellent opportunity. Rosen and I will get rid of you directly!”

“So Liam, these days I have been acting, but it is obvious that you are in the act!”

Liam felt a basin of cold water pouring directly from the top of his head, making him feel so cold. He can remember the sweetness of the past few days clearly, but now she tells him—this is just acting.

How is it possible?

He doesn’t believe it!

Liam’s long and narrow eye sockets were covered with scarlet, and he constricted his handsome eyes. He once again held Jolie’s little hand, “Jolie, don’t be kidding, you see, your fingers are still wearing the ring from me.”

Prince Rosen’s gaze fell on Jolie’s ring finger, and a high-ranking princess actually wore a cheap dog’s tail grass ring, which was really ridiculous and funny.

However, that clumsy dog’s tail grass ring is so beautiful when worn on the girl’s slender fingers. It is surprisingly well-matched and fresh. It seems to be the best testimony to this young girl’s love in their youth.

Prince Rosen tightened her fingers, and he had to admit that he pushed his fiancee to the other boys’ side again and again.

Jolie looked at the dog’s tail grass ring on her finger, and suddenly a lot of pictures flashed across her head, but these pictures were so fast that she couldn’t catch them at all.


Her head hurts!

“Jolie, you tell me that none of this is true, I believe you.”

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