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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2681 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2681

Liam looked at Jolie and asked—Jolie, have you ever loved me?

She felt that her eyes were so hot, and steam was constantly steaming in it, as if hot teardrops would fall in the next second, but she couldn’t cry.

The eyes are very dry, dry to the heat, very painful.

She looked at Liam and said one word, “Never.”

Did he ask her if she ever loved him?

She answered—never.


After getting the answer, Liam’s eyes were bloodshot. It turned out that she had never loved him.

These days were all fake.

She was acting from start to finish.



“Liam, this is the dog’s tail grass ring you gave me, and now I’ll give it back to you!” Jolie stretched out her hand and tore off the grass ring on her fingertips, and threw it on the ground like trash.

“Jolie, come here.” Prince Rosen said again at this time.

Jolie left him and walked to Prince Rosen’s side.

Prince Rosen put his arm around Jolie’s shoulder, and he realized that Jolie’s whole body was stiff and cold, and she was just a puppet being manipulated.

Prince Rosen did not reveal any expression. He put Jolie in his arms, and then looked at Liam with a victorious face, “Master Liam, you should be sober now. I and Jolie are going to join hands. Put you to death, before we could kill the Scorpion once, now, we can kill you a second time, Master Liam, you can go on the road with peace of mind.”

Prince Rosen gestured with his hands, and his men quickly took out a silencer pistol and pressed it against Liam’s head.

Liam’s mouth was full of smell, and the poison of the heartbreaker had penetrated into his heart veins at the fastest speed. He drank the glass of poisoned wine handed by his beloved girl and died in her hand.

Liam’s blood-red and terrifying big eyes stared at Jolie in front of him. At this moment, she was already nestled in the arms of other men. She looked at him indifferently and wanted him to die.

On the ground was the dog’s tail grass ring that she didn’t want, she threw all his sincerity and love on the ground, humiliated and trampled severely.

It is the first time that Liam has really met Jolie, Princess Wonderland. It turns out that she has such a deep mind and high acting skills that she can be so cruel to him.

The feelings of being betrayed and abandoned, Liam’s internal organs are hurting, and the pain is piercing.

“Master Liam, I’m sorry, I will send you on the road now.” The man was about to shoot.

But the next second a black shadow flashed over, kicked away Prince Rosen’s men, and protected Liam, “Young Master, here we are!”

It’s Arthur here.

Liam drove Arthur away that day, but he did not leave at all.

Liam rescued four brothers in a remote small village. They were Archer, Arel, Arol, and Arthur with the surname Ah. The four brothers had made a blood oath that they would follow Liam in their lives and would never betray him.

Now Archer, Arel, Arol, and Arthur are all here.

Liam, “Why are you here, go!”

“Young Master,” Archer, “before we swear that we will never betray. Our life is given by the Young Master. If you want to leave, we will go together!”

Arthur looked at Jolie angrily, “Princess Jolie, do you have any heart? Our Young Master gave up everything for you. I didn’t expect you to betray the Young Master in this way.”

“The royal family and Wonderland, who have always advertised the upright and honesty, would also play tricks. These infamous and despicable means, one puts out his own fiancée to perform beauty tricks, and the other puts on a show of s3x. Temptation, even our scorpion sighs, it is ridiculous what is white and what is black in this world!”

These remarks clearly touched on Prince Rosen’s soreness. Prince Rosen’s face turned dark, revealing a bit of hideous cruelty, and he said, “Kill!”

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