The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2682 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2682 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2682

“Arol and Archer, you leave with the Young Master, after I broke off with Arel!”

What happened next was always chaotic in Jolie’s memory. There was a rain of guns and bullets and a bloody wind. Archer and Arel were very skilled, but outnumbered, someone, fired a shot, and Arel fell directly to the ground. Died.

Archer had a lot of knives in his body, and the blood flow continued. He died on his knees, and he did not fall down. He even gave a middle f!nger to Prince Rosen.

Archer is out of breath.


Jolie felt a pain in her head, and her whole head seemed to be torn apart, she screamed in disintegration.

“Prince, these people are desperate. You and Princess Jolie retreat first. We will directly use gunpowder to blow them up!” Prince Rosen’s confidant whispered.

Prince Rosen didn’t expect Liam to have such brave subordinates. Since Liam didn’t want to keep the whole body, he could only let his dead bones disappear.

Prince Rosen hugged the pale Jolie, “Jolie, we are going back.”

Jolie’s movements were very mechanical, she didn’t want to go, but Prince Rosen increased the strength in his hand and forcibly took her away.

In the next second, Prince paused, and Jolie slowly raised her eyes, and she ran into Liam’s horrifying bloody eyes.

Liam is here!

At this time, Liam had poisoned his heart and lungs. He was wearing a white shirt, but the white shirt was already stained with blood. He came and blocked their way.

“Liam, you!” Rosen was amazed. What was shocking was that Liam had such explosive power under the poison, he wanted to speak.

But when he shook his hand, Jolie only felt a cold light flashing before him, and Liam had already thrust a sharp knife into Prince Rosen’s abdomen forcefully.

Blood spattered out, directly on Jolie’s face.

The blood was very hot and evaporating. Jolie looked at Liam, and he stared at her. He didn’t blink his eyes when he started his hands. He looked gloomy and terrifying like a lifeless evil crawling out of hell.

Soon, Prince Rosen fell down.

Liam dropped the knife in his hand and walked towards her step by step, she saw that his fingertips were still dripping blood.

He has a lot of blood on his hands.

Prince Rosen’s subordinates were so frightened that they did not dare to go forward easily.

Slowly, Liam approached and stopped in front of her.

Jolie felt that the whole world was quiet at this moment, and all the blood and rain had left her. In her eyes and heart, it was the man in front of her.

Liam looked at her, then stretched out his hand and slowly pinched her neck.

The hot teardrops smashed down, and she burst into tears.

Her delicate pink neck was in his palm, and it shattered with a slight twist.

At this moment, she knew that he wanted her life.

He wanted to kill her.

She looked at him in pain, with tears.

He stared at her fiercely, with hatred.

He tightened his palm a little bit.

Jolie left the ground. She felt it was difficult to breathe, but she did not struggle, but closed her eyes gently.

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