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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2685 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2685

Unexpectedly, these four words will become a lesson.

Holden hugged Jolie back to the room, “Elena, how is our daughter, she has grown up like this, it is the first time I have seen her so heartbroken. Very deep.”

Elena looked at her daughter distressedly, “Everyone said that the love hurts were healed, and I was at a loss. I can only give everything to time. Time can make her slowly forget this boy of Scorpion country.”

“Elena, did you say that the Young Master of the Scorpion Country is dead?”

Liam and Jolie both fell to the ground. At this time, the elders of the Kingdom of Scorpion rushed in with sturdy manpower, and rushed in and snatched Liam in a rain of bullets, so they didn’t know where Liam was going.

A few days ago, he broke with the elders of the Scorpion Kingdom for Jolie, but the elders failed to let go of him after all, so he came at the very last moment.

It is a pity that Liam’s life and death brothers, Archer, Arel, Arol, including Arthur, all died, none of them survived.

Especially Arthur, guarding beside Liam’s corpse, with dozens of knives stuck in his body, he just didn’t fall down.

This battle is full of blood.

Everyone, bruised and bruised.

Elena twisted her eyebrows, “I heard that the Young Master Liam had no breath at the time, and that the grass is very poisonous in the world, and the possibility of surviving… is very small… ..”

Elena didn’t see Liam, so she couldn’t make a conclusion, but she said that the possibility was very small, which meant that it was almost impossible for Liam to survive.

“Prof. Xia, Miss Jolie’s blood test report came out.” At this time, the assistant said outside the door.

Holden, “Elena, have you checked Jolie’s blood?”

Elena nodded, she was a little uncertain, “I just used hypnosis to enter the dream of Jolie. I seemed to hear a string of ringtones in her dream. This ringtone is very familiar, a bit like… …Remote memory…”

Holden’s expression changed, “You mean…the long-lost…enchanting technique of the Scorpion Race?”

Elena nodded, “That’s right, I didn’t expect that after so many years, this kind of evil charm would appear in the world.”

Holden and Elena were all too familiar with the charming technique of the Scorpion Clan. Neither of them expected that this long-lost charm technique would make waves after 20 years.

“Elena, who do you suspect?”

“Mr. Lu, how about you?”

The couple glanced at each other.

At this time, a voice came from outside the door, “Prof. Xia, Prince Rosen is here!”

Rosen is here.

As soon as the voice fell, Prince Rosen walked in with the help of others. Prince Rosen was hit by Liam and was seriously injured. However, his life was saved after Elena’s surgery, but he was in very bad condition.

Wearing a hospital gown, his face was pale, and he had to rely on people to support him when he walked.

“Rosen, why are you here? You are seriously injured and need to rest in bed.” Elena said.

“Auntie, thank you for your life-saving grace, otherwise I would have died at the hands of the villain Liam.” Prince Rosen thanked her.

“We Wonderland and the royal family have always been allies, Rosen, you also grew up in front of my eyes, you are equivalent to my child, how could I not save you? This is just a matter of effort.”

Prince Rosen nodded gratefully, then looked at Jolie on the bed with a distressed and worried expression, “How is Jolie?”

Holden said, “The death of Liam has dealt a great blow to her, and she has no way to come out for a while.”

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