The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2739 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2739 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2739


Laverne was shocked and speechless.

Jolie in the room had heard what the imperial doctor said. After a violent impact on her lower abdomen, it would be difficult for her to conceive again.

God deprived her of her fertility, she is not a complete woman anymore.

Why is this happening?

Jolie’s slap-sized face was pale as paper, her teeth biting her lower lip, and soon she bit a bloodstain on the lower lip.

Obviously, she was careless today. She was caught by the elders of the Scorpion tribe. The so-called care is chaotic. The elder Scorpion tribe took advantage of her feelings for Liam.

Five years ago, she almost killed Liam.

Five years later, she lost her fertility in order to save Liam.

It seems that everything has a certain amount in the dark. This is what she owes Liam, so she has to pay it now.

She and Liam are destined to have no end.

“Princess, the words of the imperial doctor just now are not absolute. I have already passed the news of your injury to Wonderland. Your mother will definitely find a way to heal your body.” Laverne comforted.

Jolie trembles the eyelids. Her mother is a genius doctor and very good at infertility treatment. She has not been sentenced to death.

However, Jolie closed her eyes lightly, forget it, in this life…she just wants to give birth to Liam.

If it were not for Liam, she would not need to have children.


Jolie returned to the royal family, her belly still aching, she wanted to go back to the room to rest.

But Mrs. Summer came over, “Jolie, you have not given me an explanation for the breakup of Selene and Mr. Lin. Let’s talk, why are you so vicious? Do you not see Selene well, or say… …What do you think of Mr. Lin yourself?”

Jolie didn’t want to waste time on Madam Summer, she went straight upstairs.

At this time, the door of the royal family was pushed open, and Selene returned.

“Selene, you finally came back, you scared Mommy to death.” Madam Summer looked at Selene nervously.

Selene walked in front of Jolie, “Sister-in-law, today I can assume that nothing happened, but you need to do me a favor.”

“Selene, why are you busy?”

“Please contact the imperial doctor for me, I will have to repair the hym3n.”


Selene has been with several boyfriends, and she is no longer good. Now she is going to have a membrane repair operation.

“Selene, what are you doing with this operation?”

“Sister-in-law, Mr. Lin told me that he likes innocent girls. I will have a repair operation and then cook rice with him. Then he will be responsible for me.”

“Selene, you…”

Selene grabbed Jolie’s hand. She was very emotional, and quickly grabbed Jolie’s small hand red. “Sister-in-law, I really like Mr. Lin very much. I can’t live without him. I would die without him. Please help me.”

Five years ago, Jolie knew about the charm of Liam. So many excellent girls liked him. Five years later, he became even more charming, and she easily fascinated princess Selene.

Of course, Jolie didn’t mean to laugh at it, she herself was poisoned by Liam, and it was difficult for him to treat her old feelings.

Now Selene is begging, if Jolie doesn’t agree, she won’t be able to get out. In fact, she still has to tie the bell to untie the bell. The key to the problem lies with Liam.

“Okay Selene, I’ll help you arrange it,” Jolie said.


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