The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2741 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2741 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2741


There was a crisp slap, and Jolie did not avoid it, and she suffered the slap alive.

Liam’s narrow eyes suddenly narrowed, stupid woman, doesn’t she know to avoid it?

Yes, all of this was planned by him, Selene’s anger was also in his expectation, but she was beaten dumbly.

In front of him, she likes to bully him.

In front of others, she can only be bullied?

Selene was trembling with anger. In fact, she had believed more than half of what Mrs. Summer said, but she was unwilling to believe it.

She didn’t believe that her sister-in-law, whom she loved and loved since she was a child, would destroy her happiness.

Selene looked at Jolie with hatred, “Jolie, I’m really blind. How many quarrels between me and my mom for you, I trusted you so much, you are worthy of me, are you worthy of my brother, I am disappointed in you Thoroughly, from today, you are not my sister-in-law!”

Selene raised her hand and wanted to slap Jolie.

However, her wrist was intercepted in the air, and Selene raised her head and ran into Liam’s narrow, displeased eyes.

He clasped her wrists, and those eyes fell on her face like poison-quenched ice, and his thin lips twitched. He spit out cold words, “I can beat her and scold her, but who are you? Something, you deserve to beat her too?”

Selene’s face was pale, and the cold words from her lover were the most hurtful.

Now Liam stood tall and handsome in front of her, protecting Jolie steadily and firmly behind her. This love is like guarding a calf, making people Envy and jealous to go crazy.

“Mr. Lin, what is your relationship with… and Jolie? Why do you protect her like this?”

Liam had no expression, “What do you think we are, then what is our relationship.”

Selene thinks that they are a lover relationship, an affair, then is Liam acquiesced?

“Why? Mr. Lin, you can see clearly, Jolie is already married, she is married to my brother, but a married woman, she even gave birth to a child, you want a woman like this?”

Liam did not answer this question. He coldly shook Selene’s wrist away, “Go away!”

Get out.

He spit out a cold and affectionate word.

Selene almost couldn’t stand firm after being thrown like this, she was very embarrassed, she was unwilling, she was really unwilling.

“Mr. Lin, how can I compare to Jolie, you say, I really love you!” Selene roared hysterically.

At this time, the study door was pushed open, and he walked in on eleven, and he directly “invited” Selene out.

Selene was still roaring outside, “Jolie, I won’t forgive you, you were the one who made me sorry first, I hate you!”

Soon, Selene’s voice disappeared. Liam came to Jolie’s face. Jolie received a slap on her right cheek. Now the bright red five-fingerprints on her cheek had become red and swollen, looking pitiful.

Liam stretched out his hand to caress her little face.

But Jolie avoided him and didn’t let him touch her.

“Why, like a weak chicken in front of others, and fierce in front of me?” Liam laughed.

Jolie looked at him with bright eyes, “Master Liam, congratulations, your goal has been achieved, now you should be satisfied?”

Liam curled his lips, “Jolie, this is what you are protecting, is it worth it? How did you live your life like this?”

Jolie was taken aback, yes, how did she lead her life like this, a mess.

Perhaps her biggest mistake was that she fell in love with him five years ago, and five years later, she still loves him.

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