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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2742 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2742

He was an accident in her life, and his appearance disrupted her original life trajectory.

“Master Liam, I will go back first if there is nothing else.” Jolie raised her foot to leave.

“Jolie,” Liam stopped her, and suddenly said, “Follow me.”

He said—Jolie, follow me.

After all, that young love became the most beautiful scenery in his life that never faded. The unattainable lady in front of him is the white moonlight cinnabar mole he couldn’t love all his life.

Selene asked just now that he wants such a woman who has married and had children. He thought, he wants her.

She is his dream.

However, he wanted to let her go.

Let go, you must first get it.

He thinks he can really put her down the moment he really gets her, and the dream will naturally wake up at that time.

Therefore, he wants to take her away.

Jolie was throbbing. This sentence of “follow me” was the second time he told her. He said the same thing five years ago.

However, this time was different again. Jolie saw the desire to challenge and conquer in his eyes. He took her away just to conquer.

For him, she is a trophy that can make him shame five years ago.

“Thank you, Master Liam, for your love, but I can’t afford it.” Jolie turned around and left.

But after two steps, severe pain suddenly came from her abdomen, her eyes were black, and she fell straight to the ground.

“Jolie!” Liam’s heartbeat stopped suddenly, and he rushed over like an arrow. He stretched out his strong arm and hugged the fainted girl in his arms.

“Jolie! Come here, call a doctor!” Liam lifted the unconscious Jolie horizontally. In a hurry, a sachet fell out of Liam’s body. This sachet was very delicate, like a token of love given by a girl to her lover.


Jolie lay on the bed, and Liam asked Doctor Xiang, “How is she? Why is she suddenly dizzy?”

“The patient’s meridians are disordered, coupled with overwhelming anxiety, and the pressure is too high, so she faints suddenly. The patient is not in a serious condition for the time being, but she needs to rest well.”

Eleven sent the doctor out, Liam sat on the bed and watched Jolie, she was still asleep, her face pale as paper.

Liam felt a pain in his heart, as if a big hand grabbed his heart. In his impression, this little princess, who was so adored by thousands, had lived so miserably.

“Jolie, you really deserve it. I will not sympathize with you, nor will I treat you softly. These are all on your own account. If five years ago…you didn’t betray me, you didn’t abandon me, I would definitely not let you live like this, and I will give you my heart.”

Jolie was destined to be unable to give him any response, and she lay quietly and well.

Liam stretched out his hand and stroked her little face.

There was still the slap print on her face, and when he thought that Selene slapped her, he became hostile and wished that Selene’s hand would be scrapped.

No one can move his woman!

At this time, eleven walked in and whispered, “Young Master, there is a call. It is… the second lady of the Jun family’s call.”

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