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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2743 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2743

Liam didn’t look at his cell phone and didn’t plan to answer it. He said lightly, “Hang up the phone.”

Eleven froze, and quickly persuaded him in a low voice, “Young Master, this second young lady of the Jun family is the marriage partner of Ms. Jolie’s eldest brother Albert, but she just loves you, Young Master, and the elder has already identified this Jun family’s second lady, when you go back, you will be married. At this time, the second lady of the Jun family is calling you if you don’t answer…”

Liam sat on the edge of the bed, his slender fingers fell on Jolie’s face and gently stroked, “Don’t worry, I know what I should do.”

The eleventh sighed a sigh of relief, and the Young Master’s words were a guarantee and promise, “But, how do you explain to the elder?”

“Just say… wanting to catch it will only make this second young lady of the Jun family love me deeper.”

“Yes.” Eleven retired.

The servant brought ice cubes, and Liam took the ice bag to Jolie’s face. His movements were very gentle, for fear of hurting her.

At this time, with a “hmm” sound, Jolie woke up, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Where is this, where am I?” Jolie sat up, she lifted the quilt, and got out of bed, “I’m going back.”

“No hurry, take a break and have dinner with me.”

Jolie looked at the time. It was already eight o’clock in the evening, and she twisted her eyebrows, “No, I’m going back.”

Liam lifted his thin lips and said with a smile, “Are you afraid that others will find out that the first princess is staying at an adult man’s house and cause a royal scandal?”

Jolie looked at Liam, “It depends on the mood of the Master Liam. Would you do this?”

“Jolie, you still don’t understand. If I wanted to use this method, I would have used it a long time ago, but I have been useless,” Liam raised his sword eyebrow lazily, “I will only use the more direct method. The way, Jolie, don’t work hard to maintain your first princess’s aura, because…you will soon not be the first princess.”

You won’t be the first princess soon.

The ringing tone in Jolie’s heart was irritating, because she knew that Liam was not joking, he was serious, and he was telling her in advance.

Jolie looked at his eyes, there was a faint smile in his eyes, as well as the unpredictable indifference and determination, as if he was the emperor in control of everything.

“What do you want to do?”

“You will know what I want to do soon.”

Jolie curled her fingers, did not say anything, but got up and left.

Jolie left, and walked in on the eleventh, “Young Master, what are your orders?”

Liam handed a sealed document bag to Eleven, “Take this to Selene.”

“Young Master, what do you mean?”

“Although Selene is unpleasant, he regards her as a weapon for hurting others and will definitely hit her with one hit.”


Jolie returned to the royal family, where the lights were brightly lit, Selene and Madam Summer were sitting on the sofa waiting for her.

Selene’s eyes were red from crying, her face was gloomy and she stared at Jolie, “Jolie, look at what time it is now, why are you staying so late with Mr. Lin? What have you done? Have you been in bed? Yes, did you put a green hat on my brother?”

Mrs. Summer snorted and quickly agreed, “Do you still have to ask, Selene, I said she is restless, she is no longer willing to be a widow, now Mr. Lin appears in such good conditions, of course she wants to go and seduce Mr. Lin, she is just a fox!”

The singing of the mother and daughter made Jolie feel upset. She was already tired and didn’t want to waste her words here.

Jolie went upstairs directly.

“Jolie, stop for me! You must make it clear to me today, or else I…” Selene rushed over emotionally and grabbed Jolie.

Jolie raised her head, and a pair of bright pupils looked at her incomparably clear, “Or what about you?”

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