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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2746 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2746

Liam curled his thin lips, “Let’s crush the last pride of this princess Selene.”


Selene stood in the rain for more than an hour. She felt that her whole body was numb, but she had been clenching her teeth to support herself. She had to see Liam.

With a squeak, the door of the villa in front of her was suddenly opened, and Liam walked out.

Liam was standing in the corridor of the retro palace lanterns, and eleven respectfully stood beside him, holding a black umbrella over his head. He was as handsome as a jade, looking at her in the rain aloft, “Princess Selene, I heard you are looking for me?”

Selene opened her mouth and retrieved her voice, “I already know your true identity, Master Liam!”

Selene thought that she had grasped Liam’s shortcomings and weaknesses. He would panic, but she was disappointed. Liam only raised his sword eyebrows and smiled faintly, “So what?”

“Aren’t you afraid, aren’t you afraid of me reporting and exposing you, this is the royal family, and it will be difficult for you to fly with your wings.”

“Princess Selene, no one is stopping you, you can go now, but I want to remind you that the royal family doesn’t seem to have the final say, you still have a first princess on your head.”

Selene stiffened, and it was obvious that she was stabbed in the wound by Liam.

At this time, he smiled a little, “Princess Selene, it seems that you haven’t done all your homework. You all know that I am the Young Master of the Scorpion country. Then Jolie, the first princess, would not know, but , She has been helping me conceal, and let me go in and out of the royal family freely, Princess Selene, didn’t your brother tell you the story of me and your sister-in-law? Five years ago, it was your brother who robbed me of love. ….. is your sister-in-law Jolie first love!”

Selene’s head exploded with a “boom”. She was fascinated by male s3x, so she ignored these questions.

Yes, Jolie already knew that he was the Young Master of the Scorpion country, but she, the first princess, had been covering and indulging him, and flirting with him under everyone’s eyes.

Just because he is her first love!

“Princess Selene, please come back, I am your sister-in-law’s man, so don’t make any more ideas.” After that, Liam walked in.

The door of the villa closed with a “boom”.


Selene didn’t know how she returned to the royal family, she was totally lost.

She originally wanted to take possession of Liam, but Liam had no choice but to firmly stick the label of “Jolie Man” on his body, and she was not allowed to get half touched. All her pride and dignity were crushed to the ground.

What should she do now?

Do nothing, just watch Wonderland and Liam keep living such a shameless and happy life without telling everyone?


She is not reconciled!

People she can’t get, would rather be ruined!

There is also Jolie, why is she pressing on the top of her head, she has had enough, she must first get rid of Jolie!

When Mrs. Summer was not there, Selene didn’t even have anyone to discuss. At this moment, her sanity had been burned out by jealousy. She immediately picked up her mobile phone and dialed a phone number…


Jolie didn’t sleep well, and had a headache when she got up early in the morning. It rained all night, and a coldness came to her face when she opened the window. People couldn’t help but shiver.

Jolie opened the door of the room and prepared to go downstairs, but there were already many people waiting for her outside the door, the front of which was Director Zhao of the Minister of National Defense and Security.

“Princess, now we are arresting you for conspiracy to cooperate with the enemy, please cooperate with our investigation.”

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