The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2754 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2754 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2754

“It looks a bit pretty. The master asked her to feed the steak just now. What kind of luck is this for her.”

“I think it’s a fox luck. Because of her beauty, she deliberately s3duces her master. She wants to climb onto the dragon bed and fly onto the branch to become a phoenix.”

“Don’t dream, Miss Delia is our mistress, is she also worthy of a lowly and humble maidservant?”

These maids like to go to Liam. It is probably every maid’s dream to climb on the master’s dragon bed. They only admire Delia and dare not be jealous, but Jolie is also a maid for what reason, she For whatever reason, they took the shortcut by relying on their beauty, and of course they were unbalanced.

Jolie didn’t expect that feeding Liam the steak would cause such a big uproar, she did not volunteer.

At this time, Jolie found that the food was all empty, and there was no crumbs left.

“Is there any more food?”

“No more.”

After getting such a cold answer, Jolie was speechless, she was already hungry after getting busy all morning.

These people deliberately ate all the food to exclude her. They isolated her!


Jolie’s belly screamed again, she was hungry.

Jolie went out, looking for something to eat to fill her hunger, but then the driver came over and said, “Anu, come with us.”

“Where to go?”

“The master wants to take Miss Jun to go shopping outside to buy clothes. You will follow along and help carry things.”



The extended version of the luxury business car was already waiting. Jolie got in the car. Liam and Delia were sitting together intimately. Jolie felt embarrassed, so she found a seat on the opposite side.

The luxury business car started, and Liam and Delia were chatting.

Delia asked, “Master Liam, when will we get married?”

“Already let people take the time, there will be an auspicious day next month, we will get married as soon as possible.”

“Next month? So soon?” Delia was shy.

Liam glanced at Jolie like nothing, “I want to get married soon, and then we will have a baby sooner.”

“Oh, Master Liam, you are so annoying”

Jolie felt uncomfortable, sour and bored. He was really about to get married and have children, so she let her watch it with her own eyes.

However, Delia is a good girl, she should bless him and wish him happiness.

After all, she is no longer a complete woman, she can’t give birth to a child.

Jolie was thinking wildly. At this moment, the luxury commercial car made a sharp turn, and Jolie instinctively rushed forward.

In the next second, the entire carriage was quiet.

At this time, Jolie sank and sat on Liam’s thigh, still holding his neck with two small hands.

Next to Liam is Delia. Now Delia is looking at her. She is looking at Liam. The three people have big eyes and small eyes. This sudden emergency made the whole carriage silent.

At this time the luxury car stopped, and the driver opened the rear door, “Master, sorry, just now…”


The driver’s eyes widened in astonishment. What the master is playing, the situation inside is so close that Delia is hugging his left leg and embracing his left and right.

“Sorry master, I didn’t see anything, you guys continue to…play.”

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