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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2756 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2756

Delia smiled like a flower. She deliberately asked, “Where’s Anu? Why isn’t she coming out?”

At this time, the door of another fitting room was pushed open, and Jolie walked out, “Miss Jun, I’m here.”

The shopping guide looked up at Jolie and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful!”

Jolie was wearing a pink halter-neck dress exactly like Delia, and took off her maid uniform. Her slender arms and white skin were exposed. This pink dress seemed to be tailored for her.

Delia’s face froze, and she confessed that her own conditions were very good, but her rival was Jolie.

Jolie’s skin is white and greasy, the so-called ice muscle and jade bones, she is probably described as perfect, and Jolie’s temperament is whiter and sweeter, and the immortal energy that doesn’t eat grains will be equally famous. The second lady of the Jun family compared it.

In this round, Jolie won.

Nowadays, the society puts a lot of labels on girls, but the hardware facilities given by Jolie’s parents are too strong. Sometimes being beautiful is a kind of talent. Even if the nurturing is not as good as the natural crafting.

Jolie is really beautiful, the one that no woman can match.

This alone is not to blame Liam for not forgetting all these years.

Delia was a little angry. She looked at Liam, and saw Liam’s eyes fall on Jolie’s body, and she never looked away.

Food color, s3x too.

In the face of Jolie’s beauty, Liam couldn’t avoid being vulgar.

Delia felt that she was a clown after a fight. She was angry and turned around and went into the fitting room. She wanted to change the dress.

Jolie had already noticed the subtlety of the atmosphere. She looked at Delia and then at Liam, “Master, your prospective fiancee seems to be angry. You made your prospective fiancee angry.”

Liam narrowed his eyes and said casually, “You are wrong. It is not that I made Delia angry, but you. Be careful that she will target you in the future and put you on all kinds of small shoes.”

Jolie, “…” Is this his purpose, to cause a war between women?

Jolie has known Delia for a long time. To be honest, Delia’s personality is really simple. She is the daughter of the Jun family, and is definitely not the type who has been wrong in their minds.

“Sir, this lady is really beautiful in this skirt.” The honest shopping guide couldn’t help but praise Jolie.

Liam, “She looks good in what she wears, but it’s a pity that she can’t afford it.”

Speaking of this, he looked at Jolie with cold eyes, “What are you still doing? You can’t bear to take off your clothes when you wear them? Go in and change them!”

Jolie immediately entered the changing room.


Three people walked out of the women’s clothing store, and it became clear that they hadn’t bought a single piece of clothing.

Soon he walked to the jewelry store, Delia looked at Liam, “Master Liam, are you going to buy me something?”

“What is it?” Liam asked.

Delia raised her little hand, “Don’t you think there is something missing in my fingers?”

Jolie got it, it was a ring.

Liam and Delia are already engaged, but they haven’t bought a wedding diamond ring yet.

Speaking of the diamond ring, Jolie remembered her dog’s tail grass ring. Five years ago, Liam once put the dog’s tail grass ring on her finger.

Now, things are different.

He took Delia’s little hand, “Okay, I will take you to buy a diamond ring now.”

“Master Liam, the ring can only be given to one person in your life. You probably haven’t given it to anyone before. If you have given it to someone else, then I don’t want it.”

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