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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2759 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2759

Seeing Liam’s tall body suddenly collapsed, Jolie took a breath, as if she could no longer breathe, “Liam!”

She yelled and charged immediately. past.

But eleven blocked her, “You stay away from my young master.”

“What’s wrong with him, how can he faint all of a sudden? You let me go over and see him, I won’t hurt him… “Jolie begged bitterly, she wanted to walk to Liam’s side.

Eleven coldly refused, “It is becuase of you that he is like this. You always bring disasters to him. You are a curse. As long as you stay far away from my young master, he will be healed!”

At this moment, the doctor came over and brought Liam into the room. He snorted coldly before turning around and followed him.

Jolie stood alone with cold hands and feet. She didn’t know what eleven meant. The hostility and hatred of eleven towards her was so obvious, as if she had done something heinous to Liam.

However, she did nothing.

Could it be that because she stayed with him, did it bring disaster to him?

Liam woke up, his handsome face was very pale and sickly.

“Young Master, don’t get up first, take a good rest, the doctor said… said that the poison of the grass has invaded your internal organs, if you still can’t find the spirit grass, then the time left for you is not much.” Eleven whispered.

Liam sat up and pressed his thin lips. “There is no spiritual grass in this world anymore.”

“The last spiritual grass grew in Wonderland and was guarded by Diana. Later, Diana’s daughter Elena fell in love with Holden. Returning to Wonderland with three children is in danger, Diana, who has been rejuvenated, used the last spiritual plant to seal the heart of her beloved daughter and plunged her into a long sleep. There is no spiritual grass in this world.”

Unexpectedly, the last spiritual grass involved the grievances and hatreds of the previous generation, and it can only be said that it has its own arrangements in the dark.

Eleven sadly said, “Although there is no spiritual grass in this world, the Western Regions has a heart pill. You can also buy more time for the young master. Tomorrow the Western Region young master will come here as a guest. We will definitely find a way to get this heart pill.”

Liam didn’t speak any more.

At this time, a sneaky figure appeared by the door, it was Jolie.

Jolie remembered Liam in her heart, so she kept wandering at the door, but the bodyguard by the door would not let her in.

“Young Master, do you want to see Anu?” Eleven asked.

Liam went into a deep thought for a moment. “I’m not certain the things revealed to her, or peril!”

“Yes, little master.”

“Let her go, I do not want to see her!”


Eleven went after her after coming out of the room. Jolie immediately greeted him, “Eleven, is he awake, can I go in and take a look at him?”

“Anu, the young master has already said that he doesn’t want to see you, so you can leave as soon as possible.”

Did he say that?

Jolie’s expression was dim, “Then…how is his body?”

“You don’t need to worry about this.” Eleven replied coldly.

Jolie was unwilling to leave.

Eleven scolded, “Anu, have you forgotten your identity? You are a maid now. I suspect that you are lazy here, so hurry up and work!”

Delia rushed over, “Eleven, how is Young Master Liam?”

“Miss Jun, you are here, Young Master is fine, now resting in the room, I will take you in now, Young Master must really want to see you.”

“En, okay.”

Eleven brought Delia into the room. Jolie stood at the door and wanted to take the opportunity to take a look at Liam, but the room was closed with a “boom” in the next second.


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