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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2760 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2760

It was dead night, and everyone was resting. Jolie walked out secretly and pushed open the door of Liam’s room.

There was a dim light in the room. Liam was sleeping on the bed. He was not sleeping peacefully, his handsome eyebrows were still frowning, as if he had an unpleasant dream.

Jolie stood by the bed, all distressed, his face was very pale, he should be sick.

If possible, she would rather get sick instead of him.

Jolie stretched out her slender fingers and slowly stroked her frowning eyebrows. She wanted him to stretch the eyebrows.

At this time, Liam in his sleep suddenly stretched out his hand, clasped her slender wrist and pulled hard, Jolie fell directly onto the bed and fell into his arms.

“Liam…” Jolie gave him a push.

Liam did not wake up, he hugged her with his strong arms and hugged her tightly in his arms, “Jolie…”

He whispered—Jolie.

He called her name in his sleep.

Jolie’s white eyes quickly turned red. She knew that he was calling Jolie five years ago. Five years ago, he had called her countless times.

Jolie slowly stretched out her small hand to hug his delicate waist and buried her small face in his arms. She whispered, “Dex, I miss you so much.”


Liam had a good night’s sleep, and he felt much better when he opened his eyes in the morning, and he wanted to get up.

But soon he realized that something was wrong. He was holding a soft and fragrant little thing in his arms, and that little thing was still holding him tightly like an octopus, sticking to him.

Liam lowered his head to see that Jolie was in his arms.

Why is she here?

Liam didn’t expect to see her when he opened his eyes early in the morning, so the two of them hugged him and slept all night.

Liam narrowed his eyes, he wanted to reach out and push her away, but she murmured and hugged him tighter.

He used to think that the happiest thing in the world was to open his eyes in the morning to see her.

Five years later, for five full years, she slept next to him again.

—Jolie, you asked for this!

Liam turned over, directly pressed her down, and then severely blocked her red lips.

Jolie had a nightmare. She dreamed that a big rock was pressing on her heart. She almost couldn’t breathe. It was so uncomfortable.

What should I do?

Jolie opened her eyes suddenly, and Liam’s handsome face was wirelessly magnified in her sight.

Now, he is k!ssing her.

Jolie trembled fiercely. She didn’t expect this to happen. He k!ssed very hard, constantly plundering the fresh air she could breathe.


Jolie raised her small hand to his broad shoulder, trying to push him away.

Liam used a few slender fingers to press her messy little hand on the top of her head, “Don’t move! You crawled on my b3d in the middle of the night, didn’t you just want this? Now I will fulfill you!”

“No, Liam, you have misunderstood! Didn’t you say that I’m just a maid, then why are you touching me now?”

“Don’t you know that the maid has another ultimate mission?”

“What mission?”

“Warm the master’s b3d!”

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