The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2763 – XH Tales

The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2763 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2763

Remembered Liam’s tender face, Jolie didn’t want to annoy him anymore, so she took the bottle and walked into the banquet hall.

The singing and dancing performance continued, firmly grasping the eyes of the young master of the Western Regions, Jolie silently walked in from one side, and came to Liam’s side.

“Master, the wine you want.”

Liam looked up and saw Jolie next to him. His eyes narrowed suddenly, cold and gloomy, “Who asked you to come?”

Jolie’s body trembling, “Didn’t you let me here?”

Liam thought about what was going on. This young master of the Western Regions is fond of beauties, so he ordered in advance not to let Jolie show up. Now it is obvious that someone is defying him carefully under his nose.

“fcuk!” Liam spit out a cold word.

Jolie stagnated for a while. It turned out that he asked her to deliver the wine just to humiliate her by saying “fcuk”, “Okay.”

Jolie turned around and left.

Sitting next to Liam, Delia naturally saw Liam’s cold and unfeeling attitude towards Jolie, “Young Master Liam, why do you get angry every time you see this maid?”

Liam pursed his thin lips, “because …I hate her very much.”

“Since you hate her, why don’t you drive her away, but keep her by your side?”

Liam didn’t say a word.

The man she likes hates a woman Delia should be happy, but she can’t be happy, because in her cognition Liam has superhuman self-control and calmness, and his emotions will not be influenced by anyone. But Anu is an exception.

Every time Anu appeared, Liam couldn’t control his temper and became furious.

Anu seemed to be able to control him, which gave Delia a deep sense of crisis.

The young master of the Western Regions was enjoying singing and dancing. At this moment, his eyes were suddenly attracted by a slender figure, which was far away, but he was fond of beauties, and he was born with a keen sense of beauty, so even Jolie almost walked to the door, he still caught a glance.

“You, stop!” The Young Master of the Western Regions shouted.

Jolie stopped by the door.

Liam’s eyes sank, his handsome face turned bright and dark, and what he was worried about still happened.

“Young Master, that’s just a maid, don’t these dancers fit your eyes?” Liam smiled.

The guest stared at Jolie, Jolie’s back was already deeply attracted to him, “Young Master Liam, is that your maid, let her come over and pour me a glass of wine.”

Liam glanced at her, “That maid is clumsy, I’m afraid she won’t be able to serve you.”

“Young Master Liam, she’s just a maid, why are you so excused? Is this maid your c0ncubine?” The young master of the Western Regions looked at Delia, “Miss Jun, do you know that the young master Liam has a c0ncubine?”

“This…” Delia was speechless.

At this moment, Jolie turned around, she lowered her head and came to the young master of the Western Regions to pour wine for him.

“You, raise your face.” He ordered.

Jolie slowly raised her head, and her stunning little face with the big palm of her hand fell into the eyes of the young master.

He shrank, and was amazed by Jolie in front of him, “Wonderful, really wonderful, I have seen countless beauties, this is the first time I have seen such beautiful beauties.”

“Young Master Liam, this is really just Your maid? It’s really enviable that Young Master Liam has such a stunning little maid.”

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