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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2764 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2764

Jolie lowered her head again, politely and alienatedly, “Thank you for the compliment, I have already poured the wine, I will leave first.” Jolie left directly.

The young master of the Western Regions reluctantly looked at the direction of Jolie’s disappearance. He couldn’t get back to God for a long time. He picked up the wine that Jolie had poured and drank it with his head up.

He then looked at Liam, “Young Master Liam, I have a little request. I don’t know if you can fulfill me?”

“What request?”

“The maid just now, can you bear to give her up for me? Here, I fell in love with that peerless little maid at first sight, and wanted to take her back to the Western Regions to be my princess.” The young master made his intentions clear.

There was no emotional wave on Liam’s face. He faintly curled his thin lips, “This request is not impossible…”

“Young Master Liam has agreed?”

“My promise is useless,” I have to ask what Anu means.”


Good name!

Liam continued, “If she wants to go with the young master of the Western Regions, I will never stop, but if she doesn’t want to go, then I can’t help it.”

The young master of the Western Regions patted with confidence. On his thigh, “This is what the young master Liam said, so I will let Anu follow me willingly.”

Liam picked up the wine glass and drank the wine in it. How did he feel that the wine was so spicy? , Constantly irritating his throat.

The maids in the kitchen were still waiting to watch Jolie’s good show, but she came back without incident. They were very disappointed.

I heard that the young masters of the Western Regions praised Jolie’s beauty at the banquet. Not only did their treacherous tricks fail, they also helped Jolie to show her the limelight. These maids became even more jealous of her.

At the end of the banquet, several maids gathered together, trying to figure out a way to tease her, but then came over on Eleven, “The master is looking for you, you come with me.” The hearts of the maids throbbed. Master looking for them?

They have been here for a long time, and they have never found a chance to stay alone with Liam, and now this opportunity is coming so soon.

Very good!

“Can you wait a minute, let’s go freshen up.” Several maids still want to dress up beautifully.

Eleven was expressionless, “No, just go over now, don’t let the master wait.”

A few maids can only come to the study, Liam stands tall and long in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the study, his slender fingers are burning. A cigarette, with his back facing them, his mature and introverted appearance adds to the unpredictability.

“Master, they are here.” Eleven said respectfully.

Liam turned slightly, his narrow eyes hidden behind the smoke fell on several maids, “What do you think of Anu?”

The maids’ eyes lit up, and they knew that the master hated Anu very much. Now they have a chance to sue, and this time they want to drive Anu out!

“Master, although she is beautiful, she is very restless. She is a vixen.”

“That’s right, Anu is best at bewitching men. Don’t be fooled by her!”

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